Tuesday, March 25, 2008

W's 3rd Birthday Party

W's 3rd birthday was on March 20th but we had a small get together with grandparents and W's Aunt and Uncle and cousins on Saturday.
Back in December the Hub and I found a train cake mold at Williams-Sonoma for half off and W just loved it! When I scheduled W's little get together I didn't realize that it fell on Easter weekend. And I didn't realize how tired I'd be with the pregnancy. Although W just loved the cake I found myself hoping that I'd have to make a sudden turn or come to a sudden stop as I was driving it over to the grandparents house. I desperately wanted to scrap it and just buy a sheet cake! Let's just say I didn't have the energy to invest the time that I would've liked to make it a bit more something. But fortunately W was enamored with it and fortunately the eyes of kids are not the eyes of Martha Stewart.
I had bought Easter baskets last year after Easter on clearance and had hoped to present them to the kids with jelly bean filled eggs and some little dollar items from Target. And I had hoped we would've dyed eggs saturday night. But unfortunately the easter baskets never made it out of the closet, the dollar toys are still in my utility room and the jelly beans are stored away. But we did dye eggs last night and the kids loved it.
Another thing that did happen that was pretty cool was that we had our friends Amanda, Brian and their son Vincent over for Easter lunch on Sunday. Amanda filled some plastic eggs with candy and hid them in the living room for the kids. They really enjoyed that too and I was very appreciative. So it seems that Easter was fun for them after all.

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that cake is adorable!