Sunday, August 31, 2008

Diaper Happy

I am so thrilled I listened to my mommy friends and bought BumGenius dipes! They are so convenient compared to any other cloth dipe I have used. I use to be a loyal Fuzzi Bunz fan, they're still awesome dipes, but since I have 3 that still wear dipes (one only at night) these size adaptable dipes are just what I needed.

Yesterday for example we had to attend two different birthday celebrations which meant we were gone all day long. I stuffed our dipe bag full of cloth and as each child needed changed I just adjusted the already stuffed dipe and put it on Super N or Baby J. W eventually needed a dipe after he would get distracted while playing and peed through all the extra undies I had.

They are awesome, awesome dipes and knowing I don't have to leave my house to purchase dipes but instead just do a load of laundry is so huge in my chaotic life!

Thanks mommy Heather and Kristin for your recommendation!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Garden Update IV

My Garden in August
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Garden Update II

Swiss Chard still going strong!

My one squash is about 8" long!

Sweet Pepps doing well.
My Cauli is growing!

Garden Update III


Sad dead squash plant.

Sweet Potato Plant

Potager Gardening Update

Eggplants are now growing!

Beets are still going strong

Turnips are huge!
All the tomato varieties are growing. We enjoyed some fried green tomatoes two days ago!
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Kitchen Redo II

These cupboards need feet still. We're planning on putting them on casters to make them moveable. This will allow larger items to be easily carried in and out of the basement for our move as well as for the new owners. All the cupboards still need hardware and baseboards. Some need their doors and the sink hole has yet to be cut allowing the sink to be installed. But it seems the kitchen is coming along rather nicely.
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I stepped on poop with my bare foot. My darling daughter decided to take her dipe off for the second time this morning and fling it in the laundry room. As I was looking for it I put my foot down onto some flung poop. I then caught her as I was stepping in her sh$% jumping on the couch with her naked & poop smeared bottom! Why I oughtta...

This might I add was only 15 minutes after "The Flour Incident".


So ummmm I went to the bathroom and a lot happened while I was gone...

That would be Rye Flour...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Little Preschooler

W starts Preschool next Tuesday. He was supposed to start tomorrow morning but the teacher asked if I would mind he instead start next Tuesday b/c their class has 20 kids and she's afraid if they all come the first day it will be too overwhelming. So W and 9 other students will show up next Tuesday and the other 10 will show up tomorrow.Then his preschool class will officially start with all of his classmates in attendance next Thursday.
I started off the summer unsure if he'd be able to attend school since we were just in the beginning stages of potty training but he's done really well. It wasn't until two weeks ago that I felt confident that he could attend, I'm very grateful. I know he'll love it and I'm very excited for him. I do wonder if I'll cry after I walk him to class and process through what's happening- my baby is starting school and will be there for the next 15 or so years! Life is changing every day and my babes are growing. Super N is talking a lot more now, W is starting school, Baby J is cooing and smiling and kicking and just generally more content. Time moves so fast even though a day feels very long in this season of life.

2006 Bathroom Redo- Finished!

I realized after posting our kitchen redo process that I never posted our 2006 bathroom remodel. I wanted to post these on here. The realtors we have talked to and a lot of the design shows I've seen have always said that bathrooms and kitchens tend to sell homes. So we're hoping that that's true. But we are prepared to wait it out...oh how I hope and pray it's not months and months. I guess we'll see. Of course the house we are really liking right now has been on the market for over 11 months so...ahhhh!

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2006 Bathroom Redo continued

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2006 Bathroom Redo

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Kitchen Redo

So Operation Kitchen Redo (in a super fast time frame) is coming along! I've been playing General Contractor which is highly stressful (just call me Hitler...just kidding). But things are coming along nicely in the house and I think we'll meet our goal and get the house on the market in mid September. I thought I'd include pics of the kitchen as it's being redone to let others know where we're at but also as a sort of documentary for the whole process.
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Preying Mantis

I was trimming the bushes out front the other day while Super N plopped herself down in a pile of dirt and proceeded to play in it and eat it when I wasn't looking. W was hanging out on the porch playing with the windchimes and Baby J was taking a nap. Well I saw something move suddenly in the bushes that caused me to jump back. But I quickly ran inside and grabbed the camera b/c I had never seen a Preying Mantis so up close. It's a bit scary looking but really amazing looking too. I thought I'd share but I hope I don't scare anyone. Can you see him in the picture?
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Garden Goods

Check out what I harvested tonight from the garden. My bounty includes turnips, carrots, one beet, onions, swiss chard, a selection of red and green tomatoes, hot peppers and a bunch of basil. I'm so excited! I've been picking cherry tomatoes off the vine over the last two weeks and I've used a few onions and I've eaten a sweet pepper and a hot pepper. But it seems now my garden is doing fantastic! My bon bon squash plant croaked b/c I believe it became infested with something but I have a huge gord on my other squash plant. Also, my sad cauliflower plant that seemed to have died this summer...well it's alive and kicking! It's taking off! And my other cauliflower plant is huge and has a head of cauliflower about 4" in diameter. I'm so excited that I'm already thinking about what I'm going to grow next year! Although I did plan to have a winter garden I may nix it b/c of trying to sell the house and such. But a yard is now an abosolute must for me! I cannot wait to garden next year and I sure hope I'm settled into a new house by next February so I can grow my garden.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby J 4.5 months

Baby J has taken a turn for the better as of late (possibly the last week but I can't quite remember). He is cooing and squealing a lot and giggling when I tickle him. One thing that makes nursing him at 2am or 4am not completely horrible is that he will give me the biggest smile when I'm changing his diaper.

He seems so sweet to me but others beg to differ. Not sure why but he screams when he's being held by anyone else. I've been told he's a momma's boy, which is a double edge sword honestly, therefore he only wants to be held by me. The Hub did give him a bottle a few times last weekend when I ran off to Ikea for the whole day to buy cabinets and after that he's seemed to warm up to daddy.

The Hub is actually getting a smile out of him at times. It seems his colick is dissappearing (hopefully) and that his spit up is lessening, a plus about this is that I smell less like rotting milk and that I get to enjoy a happier & sillier baby. We're grateful for the changes and are welcoming more happier baby moments.

We shall see if he can warm up to Grandma this weekend. The Hub and I are leaving for Cleveland today for an overnight trip. We are going to see a concert and stay in a lovely hotel room, that I don't have to clean! Grandma was gracious to volunteer her time and energy and watch the kiddos. This means that Baby J is gonna get a bottle for almost 24 hours...I hope it goes okay.

On another note, I think his eyes might just be turning brown. It's difficult to tell from the pic, they kind of come off grey but we'll see soon enough.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

okay here comes another...

I can so relate!

Had to Share...

Too Funny! I enjoy this blogger and had to share.

Eww but I'm kind of too tired to care...

You ever stepped on an overly saturated dipe that's been left in the floor after you threw it across the room at 2am? I'm just saying...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Super N's 2nd Birthday

Super N turned 2 on August 9th. We threw a little party for her with grandparents, great grandparents and some neighbors. It was fun and although my dad didn't get to the bakery in time to request his angel cake for her, they both were happy with the Tinkerbell cake.

Ahh the age of 2...have I ever mentioned I hate this age? I'm serious. Extreme I know but anyone that has a two year old can understand my feelings I think.

When Super N turned 2 it was exactly like another being invaded her little body and replaced her with a screaming, tantrum throwing, uncontrollable little kid. Okay that's extreme it's not like she hasn't thrown tantrums before but these "new" tantrums are crazy. She's just so moody and you can tell she's trying to communicate but is so frustrated b/c she can't get out what she wants to say. W was the same way I remember. It was rough when he turned 2 as well. Over that year though as he learned how to communicate and I guess felt more understood he settled down a bit. We feel bad for Super N right now b/c she's not getting much sympathy, we're beat. Baby J has reverted back to waking up a couple times a night or sometimes just once but it's difficult to function with two toddlers and a 5 month old when your house is is disarray and you're just plain tired.

Oh yes my house is in disarray. In terms of change, I always try to remind myself that "things" always seem to get worse before they get better and this I'm finding is true as well when trying to prepare your house to be put on the market. Maybe though it's just me and my addiction to chaos or maybe it's actually true. Regardless my house is in a state of messiness that's just gross!

More on the house stuff in the next post perhaps...

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