Monday, November 27, 2006

20 months & 4 months, my babes

George got married to Paula this past weekend. We attended the wedding which was in DC. It was a hairy weekend to say the least. Truckin two babes under two onto a plane and into a hotel for 3 days and then around town and then back onto a plane, is a bit torturous. Next time we go to DC we will drive!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Coffee Perhaps?

When W and his daddy play, you'll never know what will happen! I think daddy needs another cup of coffee!

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Friday, November 10, 2006

How We Affect Our Children

My little Munchkin Moo. He's been a bit ornery lately not listening to much mom or dad says. I've struggled this week with yelling at my bebe. I don't want to yell. I want to speak in a normal voice and be patient, i'm not there. I am better than i was but man how we affect our children. It's hard to be a parent sometimes especially when you're premenstrual and have a headache. I'm glad there is a gracious God who understands while not accepting my bad behaviors but instead giving me the strength and teaching me how to be loving. I used to feel so hopeless and could never imagine having kids b/c of my own past but things aren't hopeless with God and that's why I felt confident enough to have children. It's one of the best decisions i've ever made even though it gets tough, like this week, but I've learned so much from my 1 year old and my 3 month old. They're amazing and such a blessing. It's a fascinating thing, raising children that is.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

A Dad and His Daughter

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Peanut butta jelly, Peanut butta jelly...

Peanut butta jelly and a baseball bat.

Look at this chunk!
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Twelve Weeks and A Lot of Fun

Super N was 12 weeks on Wednesday. As of now she is a smiling fool! :) I just love it. She's a big talker when she's getting her diaper changed. Just like most women she has the gift of gab already!
She's very sweet and is officially as of last week sleeping through the night...whooo yay!
We also do not put rice cereal in her bottle at night anymore. She doesn't seem to need it and i have a feeling that the rice cereal has contributed to her being 3 months but wearing 6-9 month clothes! She's a lot of fun these days and W wants more than ever to play with her but we still have a few more months until that can happen.
This morning he bonked her in the face with his mega block structure, she didn't bust out crying like i thought she would though. Instead her lip did the quiver thing and then i had an opportunity to distract her by rubbing her cheek and consoling her with my voice. This is new and it's so hard to believe how fast they change!
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Look at him being mischievious!

The little goof ball!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Little Kidlets

My babies, i love them so much! People have always said you don't know how much you really love someone until you have kids, it sooo true! It kills me to think of not being there to protect them at all times. I know it's going to be a challenge for me to watch them grow and to allow them their freedom and space. What a stewardship the Hub and i have been given.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Silly Walker

Our baby started walking officially on Sept. 23. He is now Eighteen months old and has taken his time in perfecting his trademark swagger! We are very proud of him and laugh at his cute little self walking throughout the house, with his feet turned outward and his little chubby belly leading the way. It's very bittersweet seeing him get bigger and more independent. I do look forward though to him being able to talk to me and hearing about the things he thinks about.
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Friday, September 22, 2006

Eighteen Months Old

My silly Eighteen month old bebe! He's got almost all his teeth now and he's using them to eat lost of crackers which he loves. He loves crackers so much that he refers to most things as crackers, well those things he likes that is. The dog "cracker" a truck outside "cracker" his bear "cracker".
He's such a great kid!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

A special time in our lives...

She drools like her mama!

Our little girl at 5 weeks and 1 day. She's lovely and growing. She is different than W was and sometimes it's a challenge not to put her in the "W" box. We are tired since she's not sleeping through the night and since we also have an 18 month old. But i have to keep reminding myself that these times are special with my kids, I need to take advantage of the time i have with them b/c like the moms and dads that have older children say ..."it goes by before you know it".
So my prayer is that i would be grateful for this time, be able to enjoy it, and invest in my son and daughters desires, the things that they enjoy instead of wishing for this time to pass quickly b/c i'm tired.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome Super N: My Birth Experience

I chose to be induced with Super N one week early. From all the drama with my gallbladder and just being tired from having a sixteen month old I was ready to have my baby!

Our appointment was set for bright and early on August 9th. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am to have the induction process started at 6am. What actually happened was that the Nurse on call did a ton of paperwork that pushed backed the induction process. I was put on pitocin at/around 8 am to induce contractions. For about an hour and a half I bounced on a big exercise ball to try to get Super N to drop. The Resident came in shortly thereafter and broke my water, followed by the Anesthesiologist came in and administered an Epideral upon my request.

I pretty much labored all day. I was at a 5 around 4:45 pm. At about 4:50 pm my heart monitors started to go off. The resident on call got concerned and called in a few cardiologists to check me out. I was hooked up to a heart machine and monitored. After about 15 minutes I told the Nurse that I felt like I was going to have a bowel movement. She immediately became alarmed and shooed everyone away from me so that she could check my progress. As she was checking me she yelled out, "Your at a 10! Everyone Move!!" The staff pulled the heart monitors off of me as quick as possible my Dr. was called and I was told to hold it for a few minutes.

Dr. Orwick came in the room checked me all the while the nurses got everything in order so I could deliver my daughter. I felt a lot of movement in my belly and yelled, "I feel something!" Dr. Orwick informed me that Super N was turned Posterior and so she was turning her around inside me, weird feeling btw! A few seconds later I was given the clearance to start pushing. She came out after pushing for 15 minutes, born at 5:30 pm! I felt a ton of pressure in my back and in my nethers. Turns out she had a strong opinon about which way she wanted to come out and so even though Dr. Orwick turned her, she managed to turn herself back around and therefore was born face up!

I quickly latched her on and marveled at her beauty!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sixteen Months Old

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Waiting On Super N

Look at this little munch!
He's so photogenic it just cracks me up.
I realize it's been a long time since i've blogged about life and bebe's. Let's see, i am now 37 weeks pregnant (today actually). The little boy above is now 16 months. He's walking along furniture now and by holding our hands. He also got a walking toy for Christmas from his Aunt Leah, Uncle Bill and cousins Emma, Jadon, Kara, and Ava. He loves his walking toy and can often be found motoring through the house with it. I hope he can somehow pick up the walking thing in the next two weeks since my baby is coming out then.

Oh yes new baby. Super N will arrive at/around Aug 9th/10th that is if she doesn't appear earlier. Which i hope she does choose to appear earlier b/c i'm really uncomfortable and ready to move on to the infant stage and leave pregnancy behind!

At any rate, I'm excited to have a new baby on her way and excited and scared to see how our current 1 year old will adjust.

Until next time...hopefully i will have a new baby to talk about!
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Helping Daddy

Helping Daddy install the hardware on the new cabinets! and just generally looking older these days. I sure hope he is walking come August when Super N is born!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Cutey Pie II

Another drowsy stare!
He's looking a lot more like daddy. I wonder if Super N will look like the both of them or will she look more like me? Posted by Picasa

Cutey Pie

Here's our goofy little boy at 1 year and 3 weeks. He was fighting a cold here so he's looking a bit drowsy and snotty. However, his smile is pretty darn cute! Posted by Picasa


Happy Spring!
I love all the beautiful flowers in spring. This is a perennial basket i made yesterday. W of course helped me in the front yard. We were both covered in soil when we were done.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Crawling W

Two weeks before W turned 1 he started to crawl. This new found freedom has been wonderful for W but a bit stressful for me. I believe at this point W has consumed dog food almost every other day b/c I'm just not quick enough for Quick Crawl Macgraw!

Fortunately, the baby gates we installed recently are now controlling the dog food consumption a bit more! Although when the gates are open and W is on the run you can probably guess he's at the dog bowls playing in the water bowl or picking up handfuls of food.

First Birthday Party

Here is W enjoying his birthday cake at his 1st Birthday Party!

He had a lot of fun and received many wonderful gifts and love from friends and family.

We're having a Baby Girl!

Today we found out that I am carrying Super N. She will arrive at/around Aug 16th of this year.
This pregnancy has gone quite a bit different than my pregnancy with W. To explain, I've had gallbladder problems throughout this pregnancy which has caused me to have to go on a lowfat diet. That honestly has been tough for me! And I have pretty constant pain and indigestion. I was told that I probably will end up in the ER many times over the course of my pregnancy, which is a bit frightening. At this time we have only ended up in there once and hopefully that will be the only time.
Also, I first felt Super N kick at 13 weeks and since then she's not stopped kicking. I didn't feel W kick for the first time until the 24th week of pregnancy. Also, this pregnancy is a bit more exhausting b/c i have a 1 year old to take care of during the day while taking care of the house and running errands.
But overall i'm thankful for my soon-to-be new daughter and my little boy.

The Hub will have a little daughter to stress him out over the next 20 or so years. So this should be fun! :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Our family Photo

What fun we had taking this back in December! I took about 2 hours and we laughed so much. If we got W looking at the camera, Salvadore would have his eyes closed. If we got Salvadore and W looking at the camera, the Hub would look deranged! If they all three were looking at the camera my eyes would be closed! It was fun! And we got a great picture out of it.

Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

This is the first ultrasound of our soon-to-be new baby. We are due on August 17, 2006. We are excited to find out the sex of the baby and we hopefully will in about 4-6 weeks! Will W have a little sister or a little brother?
I think it will be a girl and the Hub thinks it will be a boy!
We can't wait to know.

Being smiley and cute Jan 2006

On the way to Seattle on the plane...

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He was so good on the planes! We are on our way from Dallas to Seattle. What a good kid he was on the plane! Someone was gracious and moved so that he could have his very own big boy seat to which he enjoyed!

This little boy has a cold but you wouldn't know by how good he was!

What an eventful trip! It did rain the whole time while in Seattle, actually a record was set because it rained so many days in a row. We just think that's hilarious that we were there when a record like that was set! Fortunately, we love it when it rains. And although we didn't see any mountains because of the weather, we still really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to going back, maybe to enjoy another season the next time!