Friday, November 03, 2006

Twelve Weeks and A Lot of Fun

Super N was 12 weeks on Wednesday. As of now she is a smiling fool! :) I just love it. She's a big talker when she's getting her diaper changed. Just like most women she has the gift of gab already!
She's very sweet and is officially as of last week sleeping through the night...whooo yay!
We also do not put rice cereal in her bottle at night anymore. She doesn't seem to need it and i have a feeling that the rice cereal has contributed to her being 3 months but wearing 6-9 month clothes! She's a lot of fun these days and W wants more than ever to play with her but we still have a few more months until that can happen.
This morning he bonked her in the face with his mega block structure, she didn't bust out crying like i thought she would though. Instead her lip did the quiver thing and then i had an opportunity to distract her by rubbing her cheek and consoling her with my voice. This is new and it's so hard to believe how fast they change!
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