Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Learning From The Previous Winters

The boys hootin and hollerin it up in the hall.

I feel the need to communicate that my babes do not get a long very well most of the time. But there are a few moments where life seems good, even if it's a mere 7 minutes every few hours. I think the hardest part of my day, every day, is when the kids beat on each other. I know that if they were to get a long the day would run so much smoother and be enjoyable for everyone. But alas we all are little self centered individuals, fighting to be ontop, whatever that means in each of our little brains. I relish those few small moments where everyone is getting a long and the tv is not on-everything is right in the world in those moments.

I long for the warm days of summer where we can play outside all day long and lounge under the fantastic blue sky. Summer is a renewing time of year in some ways. In our house summer is the beginning of a fresh start. Where we can start new habits and prepare for the next winter of being cooped up for months.

Since winter of 2005 I've learned a few "things" about myself and also about what works and what doesn't work in terms of not just surviving every day in the winter but instead truly enjoying each day with my kids and spending time with them and playing with them.

I really hate lists. Like despise them. I tend to like to wing things. But for me lists are sometimes good b/c they serve as reminders for me. My mind moves so much that I often forget what my focus is and what I want to complete, etc. So there is a place in my life for a list whether I like it or not. And it's a good thing for my family life. So with all that crap said I want to share about what I'm thinking about for next winter. Things I need to work on.

I want to continue to strive to go to bed at a reasonable hour, before 11:30 if possible. That was something I struggled with even though I know I'm not that nice of a momma on all levels (or wife for that matter) when I don't get adequate sleep. Also, the weekends tend to consist of naps, in order to make up for the lack of sleep, instead of quality family time which I'm realizing my hubby really adores and misses if we don't have it-although I don't recall him actually telling me that.

As a person that struggles with depression, I know I want to keep up on my Vitamin D levels and just take care of myself in general ie. watch the amount of processed foods and "crap" I take in and somewhere, somehow fit a bit of exercise in, even if it's just stretching.

I also think I want to have not only a consistent dinner plan but also a consistent plan for breakfasts and lunches. I think this will be especially crucial with keeping the kids from intense hunger/mood swings and also Super N and W will both be in Preschool next winter so it will be important to send them off to school with full tummies versus this year with W. I seriously think his many timeouts in school are partially my fault in that I've struggled with being organized and setting aside enough planning and time to feed him well before he goes to class, sad but true. I often have the attitude of winging breakfast and lunch and now I think I cannot do that anymore, sometimes perhaps, but that doesn't work for my babes or my family as a whole.

I think I need to set aside specific times to use the internet, my friend Amanda recently setup parameters on her internet usage and I really admire her for that step. I know it's not easy and I know I personally tend to use it as a way to check out from my responsibilites because it's gratifying.

I want to try to get up before the kids and get some quiet time for myself in order to read or study or pray or just to think through the day. I know this one will be tough since I'm going to want to stay up late and then it will be rough to get up early but hopefully I'll improve in this area.

One more thing is I think it would help me to set aside specific times to read to the kids, do arts and crafts, watch a movie, etc. I know it helps me to be reminded, sometimes with a loose schedule, with suggestions of things to do. My mind tends to get in a rut and if I'm sick that day or really tired or struggling with depression I'll do what's easiest, ie stick them in front of the tube and check out!

So that's what I'm thinking at this point in the year. I know myself well enough to know that I don't expect to one day just start following all the "rules" on here and voila life will be better. No, I will take it day to day and try to keep the vision I have for my family at the fore front of my mind-which will hopefully inspire me the majority of the time to keep on keeping on.

In regards to this last winter and what I will never do again, I will never ever try to put a house on the market again with tiny children, in the winter without being financially secure enough to buy another house and move first. I am not sure what I was thinking and I think the stress just about knocked us on our butt. I cannot say I am grateful about anything that went into the process. Perhaps I'll be able to find something to be grateful about in regards to that whole ordeal later after time passes, I don't know.

My vision for my family...

I mentioned to try to keep the vision I have for my family at the fore front of my mind, which will inspire me...What is my vision? I need to type that out here so I can continue to come back to it when needed. I'd say my vision is to engage with my kids by talking to them and playing with them. I don't want them to be dependent on the tv for entertainment but I would instead like to guide them towards books, arts and crafts and playing. I want to be more patient with them and include them more in chores, so we can accomplish laundry and cleaning together. I also want us to sit down for each meal and snacks at the table and eat together. As much as I hate it I think me being proactive in these areas will help my kids relationship with their dad too and us as a familial unit as a whole. I struggle with wanting my husband to be the one to create the structure and take the lead there but you know what, I'm better at it then he is and I'm the one with the kids the majority of the time and i'm running the household persay. Me keeping a structure and the house in order allows him to come home and then just fall into his daddy role. He is able to relax because the house is in order (I'm not talkin spic and span but things are in their place) and the kids are better mentally because they're fed consistantly and the meals are healthy and everyone has an idea of "what's next" so there's not a lot of chaos and unexpectedness and everyone can relax and enjoy one another and life. Perhaps this is idealistic but you know if you don't set goals (or in my case have desires) you'll never reach them or achieve them.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Comin Out Of The Cave

A doctor recently gave me a Vitamin D blood test. The result came back saying I was severely deficient in Vitamin D. I was given a script for 50,000 units of Vitamin D, to take once a week for a month. A week into the treatments, it's been a month now, I feel so much better. My body does not ache the way it did. My depression has significantly lessened and I have so much more energy. I cannot believe it, but it is true!

Upon being alerted of this deficiency I started researching Vitamin D. Turns out it is a very difficult Vitamin to attain. Yes milk is fortified with Vitamin D, but it's a very minimal amount. Yes we get it from the sun, but a low level of SPF blocks the UVB rays that give us Vitamin D. We need to take matters into our own hands and take supplements. I started taking Cod Liver Oil, 2 tsp a day and I give the kids some as well. I'm going to also purchase some supplements this week for our family.

For me this is a big deal. And I think everyone, especially moms, should get an easy blood test to detect what your vitamin D levels are. If you are deficient in Vitamin D and it goes unchecked, it will cause a whole host of problems. Some of the problems that result from Vitamin D deficiency are:

Osteomalacia which can lead to Osteoporosis

This is my own experience thus far in trying to figure out why I have felt so "off" for a while. I am not attempting to fix others necessarily but instead inform you of what is a very real issue for some.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, check out this video and consider this topic for yourself.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pretend Play

Sailing the seas of...Cheese!

W: Quick get onto the boat out of the water!
Super N: Where's my (um)brella sail?!
Momma: Are you guys sailing?
W & Super N: Yeah!
Momma: Watch out for sharks!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Troops and The Fort

Mommabear built a fort for the troops. They were able to pack their artillary in it (ie. many, many trucks and dolls) keep lookout with the binoculars (ie. 42 pairs of sunglasses gramma in the red truck bought while thrifting) and take control of the land (ie. major smack down between 4 year old & 2.5 year old over who really belly flopped onto the roof of the Fort thus resulting in ouchies, tears and loss of said Fort.) There was one unscathed almost 1 year old who managed to escape before the Fort collapsed and 2 little wee peeps placed blame of fallen Fort and took him out. All in all a fun time had by all!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday W!

Today W turns 4! Happy Birthday Bud! And Happy 1st day of Spring!

We spent the whole morning and early afternoon in the local childrens hospital. He has a rash on his arm that has spread from his hand all the way up close to his shoulder. It was confirmed as impetigo on wednesday by his Ped but I didn't agree and took him to the ER today. Turns out he has shingles...ugg!

But we hit the cafeteria on the way out and he got an ice cream cone and an ice cream sandwich for lunch. He's totally okay and the ER was kind of fun for him. He had momma all to himself and they gave him 2 lime popsicles and oohed and ahhed over his cool bumps. Oh yeah and they had Nickolodeon in the room so he had a ball. His daddy is going to take him on a field trip to Target (it is kind of like a field trip for mommas too!) He desperately wants a light saber, I hope they come in green.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


W: Momma I have a beaver.

Momma: What?

W: I sick I have a beaver!

Momma: Oh honey you don't mean beaver you mean fever.

W: yeah I have a beaver I mean fever.

Wardrobe Wednesday

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Momma Flap

So I've never had a completely flat tummy. I always had a bit of a littly pooch. But after I had my babes I've seemed to develop what I like to call my Momma Flap. Perhaps you know what I'm referring too. The flap that when putting on jeans you think, "Does my waistband go over it, under it or on it?" As grotesque as this flap is I must admit that it does come in handy.

Like that day we were at the mall and one of the kids took off running. I had my cell phone and a small wad of cash in my hand. I tucked both, you heard me, both under that flap and caught up with my 3 year old in no time flat! You see I didn't have pants on that had pockets. If it weren't for my Momma Flap I'd have for sure lost my cell phone!

And then sometimes I don't want to finish my Fiber Bar and uh huh just tuck that bad boy under my Momma Flap for later, no waste! I figure one day I'll get myself a gun and store it there that way atleast it's being put to use you know it will have a more functional purpose-a home for my ghat.

I'm sure I'll come up with many more uses for my Momma Flap as time goes on and the kids get bigger. I sure am glad I found a use for the large piece of floppy skin cause even though I won't look like Heidi Klum does after birthing Seals babes, I can revel in my cool new accessory.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Super N: 31 months

Hair Of The Blog Update

It has taken me a while, sorry Rachel, but I finally got a pic taken of the lovely prize that Rachel gave me for winning the Hair Of The Blog 2009 contest. Isn't it rad?! Love it! Thanks Rachel it's truly fanstastic and when I wear it I'll think of those bushy ass eyebrows and that damn armpit guy-I cannot get him out of my head!

Oh yes the apron came with it's own set of armhair ewww. So that's what I have shoved under my nose ewww. Haha Rachel you're a hoot!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Anniversary Away

My 10th wedding anniversary was last friday. The huz took friday off and we took the kids over to their grandparents house. We then headed home. On the way though I suggested we go here and enjoy a little alone time while indulging in some yummy desserts, he was down. We tried their Lavender, Vanilla and Pistachio Macaroons. We shared a chocolate Bombe and enjoyed strawberry lychee, peach jasmine, and cherry liquor Pate De Fruit (little square jelly bites.) Fandamtastic! Oh Boy! And then we took home a chocolate chunk pistachio cookie and a chocolate fudgie. A nice way to begin our anniversary. And it was so beautiful out which was a bonus. We then went home to pack and leave for the airport.

When we arrived in Chicago a little while later we decided to take the L Train to the city. We headed for the train (a bit of a hike) and got on. We really dig public transportation and the L did not disappoint. One thing that's immediate about Chicago is its diversity and culture, you really get a glimpse of it from riding the L-love it and I could live there. We rode the L for about 30 minutes and then got off. Apparently we passed the stop we should have gotten off. So we chose to walk a while towards the city and enjoy the urban scene. It's not like Columbus isn't urban, well where we live, but Chicago is different, it's huge and it's got a ton of history and it's just so alive. About 2 miles into the walk we decided to hail a cab and get to the hotel. The dude heard us wrong and so he took us to another hotel. We did correct him eventually and we got to our hotel with about an hour to spare before we needed to be at the restaurant.

While at the hotel getting ready for dinner we decided to google Moto and found it was a half a mile away...score! We then called gramma and grampa to check on the kids. They told us Will had been throwing up the last few hours. We didn't expect that he clearly had been incubating something that we weren't aware of. I wanted to be home with my babe but felt torn b/c I wanted to have a nice anniversary dinner with my husband. Of course the babes were in Columbus and we were in Chicago. We talked to him and told him we loved him and would see him the next day. Sad!

We tried not to worry too much about him since we knew gramma would take great care of him. So we got ready and went down to the lobby where the concierge hailed a cab for us. When the dude got on the freeway to take us to Moto, about 5 or so minutes passed, the huz clarified with him where we were going and he shook his head in an agreement and kept moving forward. But then the huz let him know that the restaurant was a half a block from the hotel! We could tell the dude knew at that point he was going the wrong way! So he did what anyone else would do...he almost literally came to a complete stop on the freeway in order to get over three lanes...WTF! We were like, "holy shit!" But he regrouped and got us to the restaurant.

Pulling up to the restaurant is awesome. You see you drive down this street that is inhabited by warehouses and delivery trucks and there is nothing else to be found! And then all of a sudden there is this non descript door that says Moto that suddenly appears on your left. The restaurant is located in the meat packing district-the frickin trailblazer imo.

So you walk in and they take your coat and then you sit down...I'm going to leave my experience of the restaurant for another post. The huz is trying to get the pics off of my phone still and when he does I will do a whole post on our experience. A few tips though, If you do the wine pairings with the meals, do not order a cocktail first unless they space the first course a bit after you've digested your cocktail (say a half an hour after you've finished your drink) and go slow. We enjoyed a cocktail and then did wine pairings with our 10 courses as a result we don't remember the last two dishes. We were laughing so hard and were so frickin drunk. So yeah just my two cents for now. Also, I asked the staff if most people were drunk after the meal and they (more than one person) said emphatically, "OH YEAH!" So they hailed us a cab, which they do for everyone, and we were on our way. That was the best restaurant experience I think I've ever had. It is expensive but truly worth it there is nothing else like it. We will go again and plan to do the 20 course.

On Saturday we had to catch our flight at 12:55 so we got up early to enjoy our free breakfast....it was absolutely bad. Whatever we choked it down. Fortunately the coffee was okay so that sort of kind of made up for it.

Around 10am we were hailed a cab to the L which took us directly to Ohare. We were doing so great on time that after we got our tickets, checked our bag and went through security we decided to eat lunch at Wolfgang Pucks little cafe bistro in the airport. We enjoyed our lunch and thought we were making great time. The huz checked his watch at different points and we were doing good. After lunch we started heading for our gate and I got my phone out to look up a number or something and I glanced at the time and it said 1:05. Now while in Chicago I kept getting confused by the time change, they're an hour behind Columbus, and the kids had lost my watch. So I let the huz know that he would be on watch duty and he was fine with that. But when I saw the time on my phone I got nauseous and checked with him what time it was and he said, "12:05" and I said, "Are you positive? Cause my phone says 1:05. And does it change per time zone or do I change it?" Well to get to the gist, we missed our flight. Not sure how it happened at that time. But now we know that they don't call for people over the PA system in the cafe area which is just outside of the gate area, which would have helped us since the time change and whatever else f'd us up. We were so upset. I just wanted to get home to my sick babes. We had found out after a call to gramma that morning that Super N was up the night before vomiting like W, ugg.

We waited around for hours b/c we were told that we could catch the next flight, we were even given tickets! But turns out we weren't told that those tickets were standy by tickets. And with the weather a lot of planes were delayed causing travelers to miss their connecting flights so then we'd get bumped back even further on a stand by list b/c travelers with lost connections get priority. We were bumped on 2 flights officially and expected to be bumped on the last one for the night. We ended up renting a car and driving home, which took me 5 hours. A little tip, if you are stranded some where but you have access to rental car agencies, do not go with the first one you find and definitely use the internet if you can. We were quoted by Alamo $450 for a one way car rental (not including fees, taxes or gas.) We fortunately had the Huz's internet connection for his phone so we hooked up his laptop to it right in Alamo's lobby and found a deal on priceline through Hertz for $200-painful but a hell of a lot better.

I do want to mention to Ohio drivers that apparently there is a relatively newer law that states if there is a cop pulled over on the side of the freeway you must either slow down, below the speed limit, or get in the other lane. Oh in case you don't remember me telling you this perhaps you will see the white sign that supposedly appears just as you leave Indiana and cross into Ohio.

We got into Columbus and returned the car at 4:30am with the time zone change and time change-yay spring, boo loss of hour on an already stressful weekend. The huz's parents said we could just go to sleep and pick the kids up after lunch, so we got a few hours of sleep before we picked up our sick kids.

When we picked up the kids Baby J had just puked, Super N was feverish and lethargic and W was on the mend. We brought them home and honestly I don't remember much after that except a blur. We've all been sick this week minus the huz and in fact I just found Baby J in his bed covered in vomit, oh joy!

Because we missed our flight on Saturday we had to cancel our sitter and our reservations for dinner at another fun restaurant that we love. And then we had to cancel our sitter and reservations again for this past Tuesday at another restaurant. I'm just a bit bummed by everything and tired, really tired.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Award?!

Such Lovely Freckles gave me the Smoking Typewriter award! Thanks so much!
Okay the rules for this award are that I must google my name and list some things that come up.

1. Kiss singing "Beth" Live on YouTube (wo!-I honestly did not know they had a song titled "Beth.")
2. Beth was listed on Wikipedia "the second letter in many Semitic alphabets, including Hebrew, Syriac, Aramaic, and Phoenician" as one definition from there.
3. Another blogger named Beth who apparently has 48 siblings among other things. Her blog is titled Bad Hair Days and honestly looks kind of fun.
4. A news article about Beth Ditto (never heard of her before) in a not so flattering dress.

Wow that was interesting and fun!

The peeps that I believe deserve the Smoking Typewriter are....

A Dad And His Girls (come on L update that sight girl :)!)
Ninja Monkey Vs Boredom (Welcome to blogdom B I know you'll continue to make me laugh!)
The Antics of The Three 22nds (I love the pics of her boys and hearing about her day to day happenings.)
Two Under Two (Super Ninja Mommy never fails to crack me up!)

So google your names ladies and enlighten us with what you find...hah!

Leave Me Already

Thanks so much for your guys awesome comments on the last post! I really appreciate it.

I've been MIA for the last few days b/c I've been puking my guts out, among other things coming out, and have just now today started getting out of bed. Some virus invaded our lives and is refusing to leave. The kids must have gotten it and incubated it then passed it along to momma. W is now out of the clear and Super N is on the mend, her fever broke this morning. Baby J is lethargic but keeping down bits of milk and I kept down a bit of dinner so...

Hopefully we'll be up and running soon and I'll get that post of our anniversary up!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

Shady Lady gave me an award!

How cool is this?

So in order to receive this award I must list 7 things that I love. Hmmm narrowing down loves to 7...oh boy! And then pass the award on to 7 blogs that I love.

Here I go...

1. I love traveling. When the kids are bigger I plan to take them overseas as much as we can afford. My biggest travel desires are India, Spain, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New Zealand & Greece.

2. I love learning new things. I have this idea in my head that I want to try most everything at least once. I however do not want to skydive.

3. I love talking about food. Growing it, cooking it and anything else involved.

4. I love to show my kids affection. I keep thinking in my head it will impact them deeply in a good way. I can't not touch their shoulders or their faces when they walk (crawl) into a room.

5. I love music. I need to hear it to feel human, it helps me process through my emotions. I'm starting to get interested in more obscure bands which is fun.

6. I love gardening. I used to have a black thumb and then one day it turned green! I look forward this year to studying different kinds of plants and learning their names.

7. I love helping others some way some how.

Here are 7 of my fave blogs

Gohn Crazy
Breathe It All In
Married To The MD
Glass of Whine
Synonyms For Churlish and Other Stories

Monday, March 09, 2009

Skinny Laminx

I found an artist on Etsy that I really adore. Her name is Heather Moore but she goes by Skinny Laminx. I came across her by googling dishtowels and many other words like art, clever, cute, retro, fun, etc. But I eventually found her on Etsy and ordered some dish towels from her. She doesn't only produce dishtowels, check her out to see her other arty farty goods!

I wanted to share her art with you but also I wanted to share with you the loving care she puts into her packaging. Each of the dishtowels were wrapped with a simple brown bag tie and my name was on a wee envelope that contained a cool button and a sticker. I'm digging her stuff royally!

She lives and breathes in South Africa so if you order goods from her expect them to take around 3 weeks to get to you.

The dishtowels above are really fun. She made one of Ikea furniture drawings-just dig it! And look at the others...brilliant! Can you tell I'm smitten, shut up already Beth...:)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Silly almost 4 year old

The last few days have been quite eventful. I will update you guys as soon as I can get a little rest. But in the meantime I thought I'd leave you with this one boy act. Hope you all are good!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Our 10th Anniversary

Engaged- 1998


In Chicago enjoying a little bit of time away with my husband-alone.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Hankering for Curry/American Fare

Is there such a thing?

Why yes there is!

I cooked up a whole chicken a few days ago and had some leftovers. I was craving curry and chicken salad so I did the basic mayo with shredded chicken and tossed in some curry powder. I needed a bit of crunch, spice and sweetness. So I added a stalk of celery, a half of a small onion and some Major Grey's Chutney (my favorite condiment in the whole wide world...well right now anyways.) My husband suggested I pass the recipe along via my blog. (ho hum...uh okay babe...but they probably aren't into this...oh well here it goes...)

Curry Chicken Salad...if of course it is your thing!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Naked Buckets

Well really only one! We call butts buckets in this house-a silly name I picked up a while ago when I TA 'd a kindergarten class.

Anyways, Super N has been running around all morning naked. Every time I turn around she's on the potty! It started really right after I posted about potty training her. She told her gramma a day later she had to poop. She sat on the bathroom commode and went, sure enough.

So she is getting the hang of it, although she did pee on my floor this morning. She calls poop poop and pee poop but she gets the idea of how things feel when it's time. So we're moving forward with the potty training!

Baby J did stick his hand in the potty once this morning (gross I know) and I'm trying to keep an eye on him so it doesn't happen again.

Thanks again for everyones suggestions and thoughts!

Mission Pee & Poop In Potty is in effect- Roger Out.

Sheesh what are they feeding this kid! Cut off the liquids!

Photo Tag

I thought I'd join Aliceson from Feet Off The Table and post the 6th photo in my 6th folder. There was actually only 2 photos in the folder, two different poses in this ensemble. This is W back when we were starting to get things moving with putting stuff in storage to get the house on the market, sometime in September. He looks a wee bit goofy aye?!