Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Anniversary Away

My 10th wedding anniversary was last friday. The huz took friday off and we took the kids over to their grandparents house. We then headed home. On the way though I suggested we go here and enjoy a little alone time while indulging in some yummy desserts, he was down. We tried their Lavender, Vanilla and Pistachio Macaroons. We shared a chocolate Bombe and enjoyed strawberry lychee, peach jasmine, and cherry liquor Pate De Fruit (little square jelly bites.) Fandamtastic! Oh Boy! And then we took home a chocolate chunk pistachio cookie and a chocolate fudgie. A nice way to begin our anniversary. And it was so beautiful out which was a bonus. We then went home to pack and leave for the airport.

When we arrived in Chicago a little while later we decided to take the L Train to the city. We headed for the train (a bit of a hike) and got on. We really dig public transportation and the L did not disappoint. One thing that's immediate about Chicago is its diversity and culture, you really get a glimpse of it from riding the L-love it and I could live there. We rode the L for about 30 minutes and then got off. Apparently we passed the stop we should have gotten off. So we chose to walk a while towards the city and enjoy the urban scene. It's not like Columbus isn't urban, well where we live, but Chicago is different, it's huge and it's got a ton of history and it's just so alive. About 2 miles into the walk we decided to hail a cab and get to the hotel. The dude heard us wrong and so he took us to another hotel. We did correct him eventually and we got to our hotel with about an hour to spare before we needed to be at the restaurant.

While at the hotel getting ready for dinner we decided to google Moto and found it was a half a mile away...score! We then called gramma and grampa to check on the kids. They told us Will had been throwing up the last few hours. We didn't expect that he clearly had been incubating something that we weren't aware of. I wanted to be home with my babe but felt torn b/c I wanted to have a nice anniversary dinner with my husband. Of course the babes were in Columbus and we were in Chicago. We talked to him and told him we loved him and would see him the next day. Sad!

We tried not to worry too much about him since we knew gramma would take great care of him. So we got ready and went down to the lobby where the concierge hailed a cab for us. When the dude got on the freeway to take us to Moto, about 5 or so minutes passed, the huz clarified with him where we were going and he shook his head in an agreement and kept moving forward. But then the huz let him know that the restaurant was a half a block from the hotel! We could tell the dude knew at that point he was going the wrong way! So he did what anyone else would do...he almost literally came to a complete stop on the freeway in order to get over three lanes...WTF! We were like, "holy shit!" But he regrouped and got us to the restaurant.

Pulling up to the restaurant is awesome. You see you drive down this street that is inhabited by warehouses and delivery trucks and there is nothing else to be found! And then all of a sudden there is this non descript door that says Moto that suddenly appears on your left. The restaurant is located in the meat packing district-the frickin trailblazer imo.

So you walk in and they take your coat and then you sit down...I'm going to leave my experience of the restaurant for another post. The huz is trying to get the pics off of my phone still and when he does I will do a whole post on our experience. A few tips though, If you do the wine pairings with the meals, do not order a cocktail first unless they space the first course a bit after you've digested your cocktail (say a half an hour after you've finished your drink) and go slow. We enjoyed a cocktail and then did wine pairings with our 10 courses as a result we don't remember the last two dishes. We were laughing so hard and were so frickin drunk. So yeah just my two cents for now. Also, I asked the staff if most people were drunk after the meal and they (more than one person) said emphatically, "OH YEAH!" So they hailed us a cab, which they do for everyone, and we were on our way. That was the best restaurant experience I think I've ever had. It is expensive but truly worth it there is nothing else like it. We will go again and plan to do the 20 course.

On Saturday we had to catch our flight at 12:55 so we got up early to enjoy our free was absolutely bad. Whatever we choked it down. Fortunately the coffee was okay so that sort of kind of made up for it.

Around 10am we were hailed a cab to the L which took us directly to Ohare. We were doing so great on time that after we got our tickets, checked our bag and went through security we decided to eat lunch at Wolfgang Pucks little cafe bistro in the airport. We enjoyed our lunch and thought we were making great time. The huz checked his watch at different points and we were doing good. After lunch we started heading for our gate and I got my phone out to look up a number or something and I glanced at the time and it said 1:05. Now while in Chicago I kept getting confused by the time change, they're an hour behind Columbus, and the kids had lost my watch. So I let the huz know that he would be on watch duty and he was fine with that. But when I saw the time on my phone I got nauseous and checked with him what time it was and he said, "12:05" and I said, "Are you positive? Cause my phone says 1:05. And does it change per time zone or do I change it?" Well to get to the gist, we missed our flight. Not sure how it happened at that time. But now we know that they don't call for people over the PA system in the cafe area which is just outside of the gate area, which would have helped us since the time change and whatever else f'd us up. We were so upset. I just wanted to get home to my sick babes. We had found out after a call to gramma that morning that Super N was up the night before vomiting like W, ugg.

We waited around for hours b/c we were told that we could catch the next flight, we were even given tickets! But turns out we weren't told that those tickets were standy by tickets. And with the weather a lot of planes were delayed causing travelers to miss their connecting flights so then we'd get bumped back even further on a stand by list b/c travelers with lost connections get priority. We were bumped on 2 flights officially and expected to be bumped on the last one for the night. We ended up renting a car and driving home, which took me 5 hours. A little tip, if you are stranded some where but you have access to rental car agencies, do not go with the first one you find and definitely use the internet if you can. We were quoted by Alamo $450 for a one way car rental (not including fees, taxes or gas.) We fortunately had the Huz's internet connection for his phone so we hooked up his laptop to it right in Alamo's lobby and found a deal on priceline through Hertz for $200-painful but a hell of a lot better.

I do want to mention to Ohio drivers that apparently there is a relatively newer law that states if there is a cop pulled over on the side of the freeway you must either slow down, below the speed limit, or get in the other lane. Oh in case you don't remember me telling you this perhaps you will see the white sign that supposedly appears just as you leave Indiana and cross into Ohio.

We got into Columbus and returned the car at 4:30am with the time zone change and time change-yay spring, boo loss of hour on an already stressful weekend. The huz's parents said we could just go to sleep and pick the kids up after lunch, so we got a few hours of sleep before we picked up our sick kids.

When we picked up the kids Baby J had just puked, Super N was feverish and lethargic and W was on the mend. We brought them home and honestly I don't remember much after that except a blur. We've all been sick this week minus the huz and in fact I just found Baby J in his bed covered in vomit, oh joy!

Because we missed our flight on Saturday we had to cancel our sitter and our reservations for dinner at another fun restaurant that we love. And then we had to cancel our sitter and reservations again for this past Tuesday at another restaurant. I'm just a bit bummed by everything and tired, really tired.


Aliceson said...

The dinner sounds great but the time snafu, missed fligth and sick kids sounds terrible.

Hubby and I went to Chicago last spring, it was wonderful!

Shady Lady said...

That is quite an anniversary celebration! How fun! (minus the worrying and sick kids and missing the flight and getting sick) Can't wait to hear about next anniversary!

Meg said...

Aaaw, this is one of those bittersweet posts where every good event is totally counteracted by something not so great. Hope the little ones are all fine and dandy again, and glad you made the most of the wine!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Oh no! I know what that's like. And it's always like that, isn't it. One thing goes wrong, and then another thing goes wrong... and you have a hard time finding much enjoyment. But it sounds like you still had a good time... and in a few years you'll be cracking up over it. Guaranteed.

Rachel said...

Wow! What a story! Did the unabashed drinking make up for the other inconveniences??

I hope everyone is better soon! It seems EVERYONE has caught this particular bug!