Thursday, November 29, 2007


So i've had 4 bowls of Honeycomb today. Other than eating the lasagna leftovers that Will and Nora left from lunch that's all i've eaten today. I hope this craving ends soon b/c i think i've only got a few more days then Honeycomb won't be on sale anymore. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

Here is the first ultrasound for our soon to be third addition. I will find out in 3 weeks whether the baby is a little girl or a little boy. Since my grandpa recently passed and he meant so much to me we felt that we would name our baby after him. So if it's a little boy we'll call him Joseph and we'll call her Josephine if we have a little girl.
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Family Picture

Here's our current family picture.
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Daddy reading

The kids love it when their dad reads to them. Nora especially enjoys looking at book these days and we often catch her flipping through books upside down looking at the pictures.
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How many rolls can you eat?

Jason showcasing his talent for roll consumption at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving with the family

Besides Will getting bitten by Polo Thanksgiving was nice for us. We enjoyed being with family once again and enjoying yummy food. Here are a few pictures showing the kids playing and the family eating. Jason of course had about 10 rolls.

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Gettin Along

W is now 32 months and Super N is almost 16 months. They're really cute together when they get along.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Removing the Stitches

I took W to OSU today to have the stitches on his cheek removed. Hopefully the scars will fade over time since he's only 2 years old. The stitches in his eye should dissolve over the next few weeks.
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This Thanksgiving was a bit stressful. It started out normally but ended a bit stressful and sad. While spending time with family at a relative's house, Will was bitten by a family dog. The dog bit through Will's lower right eyelid and clawed his face in two spots. Will received 10 stitches but as you can see from the picture he's mostly back to normal. We're very grateful that he's okay.
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