Saturday, May 31, 2008

Potager Gardening May



Strawberries (I think I killed them!)

Strawberry plant, Blueberry plant, & Strawberry plants

I had more pictures but for some reason they didn't load. I'll post more later.

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Pizza Freak

I love Pizza! In fact I could eat it every day. While out last night the Hub and I noticed that Papa John's is now serving Whole Wheat Pizza. So we ordered one (extra cheese & extra musrooms) and thought it was really good.
Overall it looked like a traditional pizza but less greasier. Also, it had a whole grain flavor that added to the overall flavor. It was a bit denser and chewier and it had an almost dry texture. I don't believe the dry texture took away from the flavor or the consistency.

I always feel like I need to add an explanation when talking about yummy foods that have been altered some way to be made healthier. You can't compare whole wheat pizza crust in my opinion to the traditional pizza pie, I believe they both are their own animal. But instead drop all comparisons and enter the whole wheat pizza world with an open and non judgemental frame of mind.
This is a great alternative if you need or want to order in and have a hankering for pizza but want it to be healthier.

note: Just b/c it's ww and is better for you doesn't mean it won't clog your arteries! But it's nice to know that I have a healthier option when I want to eat crap. (Crap food for me= yummy food)

Woman Breastfeeds Infants who are orphaned b/c of the China Quake...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

PB & J Sushi Lunch

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I've had a difficult time feeding the kids lunch b/c it's so boring, the same ol' thing day in and day out. The kids feel the same way I think. You can tell by the way they throw their food on the floor and reject it. But I decided if they're going to exist on more than just snacks and milk then maybe I need to think outside the box. There are lots of creative moms out there and I got some ideas. Today the kids had PB & J Sushi. It was really very simple. Why hadn't I done it before!?
Let's see I used a rolling pin to flatten the bread, in this case the hamburger buns, and then spread PB on it and the spooned some jam on it. I then rolled it up and used a serrated knife to very carefuuly slice it into 5 to 6 pieces. It was a hit!!
Now what's for lunch tomorrow...hmmm. Any ideas shoot them my way please!

7 Weeks Young

Baby J is cooing and smiling now! He is sleeping more on our schedule and we are grateful! Super N has taken a liking to her little brother and he seems to be more engaged when she pats his head or sticks her face really close to his face. I think she'll have a ball when W goes to preschool just being the big sister for a change and showing little brother the ropes.
Wow as hard as it is now I'm really glad I had 3 babies. It feels like the perfect number for me-like a family. I don't have the feeling that I had with the other two. It was a feeling or a thought really that someone was missing. I don't feel like anyone is missing. We all are here now!
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I joined the website Ebates and from purchasing items online I had accumulated enough cash to purchase an easel for the kids. I was so excited to do this being that I love art and started drawing and painting at a young age. The Hub and I noticed over the last year that W really enjoys drawing as well. I started researching easels a few months ago and found one I really liked. It arrived on Tuesday and the kids played with it yesterday, they loved it! In fact I was even willing to take a trek to Target witout the Hub in tow just to buy some paints and dry erase markers b/c W was so excited. Here are some pictures of them being creative and lo and behold they didn't fight! I let W paint outside yesterday since it was so beautiful. The easel folds up nicely so you can transport it rather easily. I look forward to the many days of creativity that this easel will spawn.
If you are interested in joining ebates, let me know and I'll send you a link. It's an awesome resource to get a little bit of cash back into your pocket if you are an online shopper like me. Also, if you use the link I can receive a little bit of credit...much appreciated!
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Nursing update...

I'm still latching the babe on periodically. I got stuck in the van today with two sleeping little people and a screaming infant. I was in a predictament and I didn't know what to do. My options were to let the infant continue to scream and carry each child inside up to their beds and then run in and make a bottle, wait for it to get warm and then give it to the infant. Or just let the little people sleep in the van in the driveway and latch the infant on. I chose the latter. Overall I found the drivers seat in the van to be an awesome place to nurse. Baby J latched well it seemed and I was able to feed him. I did still need to pump after that though to empy myself. It is a cool feeling to know that you can feed your infant when or where you want to b/c of the convenience of the boob.
I continued to latch him on the rest of the day but he still can't seem to latch on well to the right breast. Maybe I could be a leftie nurser aye?! Who knows! I'll continue to pump and latch on when needed and when I feel the urge. It's nice to have that freedom I guess...

The Time Has Come...

The stress of the last few weeks has brought me to the realization that W in preschool is a good thing. But before he can enter preschool he must be potty trained. Yesterday I let him run around the house buck naked for about 2 hours. He peed twice on his own accord in the potty, it was awesome and I saw a glimmer of hope. I've been telling him the last few days that if he learns to poop in the potty he'll get to go to school soon, he's thrilled. I believe he's contemplating the endeavor. It's difficult for the 3 year old to give up his little brown buddies. But I think he'll come around since he knows his actual little buddies (friends) will be in school without him if he doesn't poop in the potty.

The Hub and I are ready to get hardcore with the potty training since the stress of having 3 little people at home 24/7 will be somewhat reduced. Plus W will love school! He's very social and loves to learn. Although it's sad to think my baby will be gone two days a week and then more days a week from here on out each school year I know it's good for all of us. I have a feeling he will love school, I always loved it and couldn't wait for it to begin each year. I especially loved the smell of new school supplies (freak) and I have a feeling that he will too, he's very much like me in most ways we're finding.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It seems that Baby J does have GERD. He has been placed on Zantac and has been doing pretty well the last few days. He still has a lot of gas and this makes him cry a lot more than I'm used to. I think maybe I should be a little more diligent with eliminating foods from my diet.

5 Weeks Today

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mooo.... Just call me Bessy

Nursing sadly has not worked out like I'd hoped. I may still attempt to latch Baby J on periodically but for now, I am still pumping. However, I am not pumping 7-8 times a day now. To keep myself sane I've decided I would only pump 4 times a day and it would be on a schedule. So as of a few days ago I pump for 20 minutes at 7am, noon, 5pm & 10pm, it's made life a bit easier.

I am anticipating my milk drying up slowly but it's okay. (It's grievous to me but the new arrangement makes life better). My friend Kristin believes my milk won't dry up I hope she's right. Thus far my milk has decreased each day by a hair but I think it may just be adjusting to the demand. At any rate, I have about a month's worth of milk in the freezer now and storing a little more each day and so I won't probably have to supplement with formula for at least another month or so and that's only if my milk does dry up. I hope it doesn't!

The hub let me sleep in this morning. After I pumped at 7am I then fell back to sleep and slept until 11:45. It was nice getting a solid 4 hours of sleep.

On another note, I think Baby J might be considered colicky. The definition of this seems to vary but overall my kid cries pretty much all day (when he's not asleep) and sometimes (like last night) he cried pretty much most of the night. I hope it disappears soon b/c I think the hub feels like he's going to lose his mind. Of course I'm looking more closely at my diet as well just in case it's me causing him gastrointestianl distress...poor munchkin!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Life is stressful right now. Adding a third child to the mix has made my life crazy. And I feel very frazzled by the end of the day. Life seemed "better" last week but now it just seems difficult. I can feel my blood pressure rising at different points during the day, usually when all 3 are screaming or whining about something that must be done right now. I learned how to adjust and be calm amidst this storm when transitioning from one to two kids so I know it will take time.

In the meantime though I feel overwhelmed and as a result I'm yelling a lot at the kids and I don't like it at all. I'm very conscious about giving them cuddle time, engaging them with questions when I can and touching them as much as I can so they know I love them but nonetheless I'm still yelling.

Although Baby J is doing pretty good with his sleeping habits the Hub and I are still reeling from the schedule change and managing on limited sleep. Also, I'm finding I'm pretty stressed out about how to feed Baby J, as my friends can attest too. I've been breast pumping for almost a month and nursing periodically. Baby J has not latched on well and I've experienced pain. Yesterday I made a decision that I will not continue to pump. I can't stand it and it's very stressful huddling the other kids upstairs every 3 hours and then all the cleaning of supplies it's just worn on me.

In turn I will latch the baby on as much as i can and deal with the pain. Overall he's latching on mostly fine and he's almost 4 weeks so maybe this could work out so it seems- I did however just pop a blister on my nipple about an hour ago...sadly. I'm going to give this a week or so and see if the pain lessens. If the pain doesn't go away and actually gets worse I think I'll stop. The inability to nurse well has contributed to the stress that I feel and although I'll be sad to stop I think for my own sanity and for my family's sanity I'll need to move on.