Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mooo.... Just call me Bessy

Nursing sadly has not worked out like I'd hoped. I may still attempt to latch Baby J on periodically but for now, I am still pumping. However, I am not pumping 7-8 times a day now. To keep myself sane I've decided I would only pump 4 times a day and it would be on a schedule. So as of a few days ago I pump for 20 minutes at 7am, noon, 5pm & 10pm, it's made life a bit easier.

I am anticipating my milk drying up slowly but it's okay. (It's grievous to me but the new arrangement makes life better). My friend Kristin believes my milk won't dry up I hope she's right. Thus far my milk has decreased each day by a hair but I think it may just be adjusting to the demand. At any rate, I have about a month's worth of milk in the freezer now and storing a little more each day and so I won't probably have to supplement with formula for at least another month or so and that's only if my milk does dry up. I hope it doesn't!

The hub let me sleep in this morning. After I pumped at 7am I then fell back to sleep and slept until 11:45. It was nice getting a solid 4 hours of sleep.

On another note, I think Baby J might be considered colicky. The definition of this seems to vary but overall my kid cries pretty much all day (when he's not asleep) and sometimes (like last night) he cried pretty much most of the night. I hope it disappears soon b/c I think the hub feels like he's going to lose his mind. Of course I'm looking more closely at my diet as well just in case it's me causing him gastrointestianl distress...poor munchkin!

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Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

how is the pumping thing working out for you? i have some formula coupons and extra soy formula if you need them.