Thursday, May 29, 2008


I joined the website Ebates and from purchasing items online I had accumulated enough cash to purchase an easel for the kids. I was so excited to do this being that I love art and started drawing and painting at a young age. The Hub and I noticed over the last year that W really enjoys drawing as well. I started researching easels a few months ago and found one I really liked. It arrived on Tuesday and the kids played with it yesterday, they loved it! In fact I was even willing to take a trek to Target witout the Hub in tow just to buy some paints and dry erase markers b/c W was so excited. Here are some pictures of them being creative and lo and behold they didn't fight! I let W paint outside yesterday since it was so beautiful. The easel folds up nicely so you can transport it rather easily. I look forward to the many days of creativity that this easel will spawn.
If you are interested in joining ebates, let me know and I'll send you a link. It's an awesome resource to get a little bit of cash back into your pocket if you are an online shopper like me. Also, if you use the link I can receive a little bit of credit...much appreciated!
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susan said...

look at those cuties! what a great kids u have Momma Bear. Hey you might wanna check out it gives a much higher percentage back on my purchases. I also love to shop online like u and this shopping site is by far the best.