Monday, June 25, 2007

Super N's cannonball

Super N is fearless. today she scared me and her daddy to death. i sat nora on her changing table/laundry room counter and held her leg while i leaned over and looked for a shirt for her in a laundry basket. I got distracted by will who was behind me and i must have taken my hand off of norals leg b/c the next thing i see is nor hitting the floor in a cannonball position. It was very loud and there was lots of screaming. I was scared to death that she was going to die so i ran immediately to the phone and called an ambulance/paramedics to check her out. before they arrived Super N had stopped crying (which frightened me even more) and was very calm. the paramedics didn't seem the least bit rattled and said she looked fine and they inspected her and said she seemed fine. i was just encouraged to watch her for and make sure there were no unusual behaviors.
forunately she's okay. as you can see from the picture she has a scratched up face and forehead and rug burn but overall nothing major...thanks God.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Little toothbrusher

W is getting so big. He can say so many words now and very clearly. He's now almost 27 months and is such a little helper. He likes to help mommy and daddy unload the dishwasher. He'll grab a piece of silverware at a time and throw it into the silverware drawer and keep doing this until the pile is so big you can't shut the drawer. Mommy and daddy appreciate the help and have to contain their giggles and sometimes tired frustration at this cute kid.
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Super N 10.25 months

Super N is going to turn 1 soon. I can't believe it. The last almost year has gone by somewhat fast. Having a second baby only spaced by 16 months from a first baby is a handful. Both kids are at an age now though where it's getting to be a lot more fun.

Super N is a silly baby. A different silly than W at this age though. She is more laid back it seems but very fearless. We often forget we can't leave her just sitting on the couch to play or we'll return just in time to see her flying through the air. She is often touching down on the floor or in some instances on the coffee table. She fortunately takes her injuries like a NFL player, brushes herself off and gets right back up!

I'm starting to plan her 1st birthday party and her daddy and i are trying to figure out "What do you buy a 1 year-old little girl?!". So the next few months should be fun.
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