Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Silliness That Is 4 Years Old

W: Mom what's selfish mean?

Momma: (I'm driving us in traffic hour to chipotle.) Uh...(quickly how do I define selfish?) means when you only think of yourself.

W: No it doesn't mean that!

Momma: Uh...

W: It's like a crab, you know they can bite you with their claws.

Momma: Oh hahaha (snorting in laughter) "shellfish!!" not "selfish!" hahaha- I love you Mugger.


We went to a cookout the other day and there were corndogs for the kids. My kids have never had one or even seen one so they were fascinated by this small loaf of bread on a stick.

W: Bites into it... MOM!!! Pointing to the corndog in his hand. THERE'S A HOTDOG INSIDE HERE!!! HOW'D IT GET IN THERE!!!

I love this dang kid!!


Backpacking is tough. 30lbs on my back and then I hiked 19 miles over 36 hours. Atleast a third of it uphill...tough...and wonderful and life changing. I'm planning my next trip now. I have perspective on my life and I have an inner sense of accomplishment. I feel like I can move forward and train for my Tri's again. Of course one day at a time. But isn't life really one day at a time? So many good things to enjoy out there. I'm ready for more.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Getting ready for a backpacking trip this weekend. The Huz leaves for San Diego tomorrow until Sunday, should be a fun and eventful week being all by myself with the babes. I managed to line a sitter up for a couple of hours Wed-Fri so I can get some errands done before I leave for my weekend.

Life these days is all about hanging on and trying to enjoy life with little kids...oh yeah you too? I elected to not put any of my kids in preschool this year so we all are home, every day. I start school next week, yay, so I'm pretty pumped about that. Back to college for momma...holy crap!

Fall is here! Pumpkins, apples, the smell of spice and orange, red and gold leaves- I deperately love Fall.

Hope everyone else is well! And I just overheard W tell Super N, "the train is going to kick ass..." Keep forgetting to check my potty mouth, oops!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What The Freak: The Neighbor And His Fancy Car

My neighbor bought a fancy car about 6-8 months ago. It's a big black BMW. I in general have no problem with people buying fancy cars and who does what, when and why, etc. But what I do have a problem with is that dude, the neighbor, refuses to park in front of his own house.

You see there's a tree in front of his house and I've now caught on that he doesn't want to park under the tree. His car is always in front of my house, even if there's a free spot or two or three in front of his house. We used to have a tree in front of our house until the wind pulled it down 2 years ago. Why the freak would you buy a car if you won't park it in front of your own house? I'm just saying... mofo neighbor.

The other day I had come home from riding my bike. I'd managed to squeeze my bike in the back of my husbands car, I have to take the front wheel off but it fits. Well mofo parks in front of my house thus making me park in front of his house. Well because he has the big ass tree in front of his house, he also has the big ass tree roots in front of his house. You should have seen me trying to manuever my bike out of my husbands tiny car and over all these stupid tree roots.

I'm sure he's a nice guy but for god's sake park in front of your own dang crib! bah man, bah!

Honest Scrap Award

Shady Lady gave me this award a few weeks ago for this post. Thank you Shady Lady.

The“Honest Scrap Award,” is given to bloggers who:

1) write soul-bearingly, thus exposing themselves to possible ridicule
2) have blogs that are “brilliant” in either content or design

I'm supposed to write “Ten Honest Things About Myself” and then pass the award on to another blogger who will do the same. I realized while thinking through this stuff that my mind is kind of in the past right now so I went with that.

Here I go:

1) Well I'm unhappy with my marriage, you got that right?

2) I'm learning to not be a fearful person-very painful, very badass too.

3) I played basketball from the age of 2nd grade until right before high school. I always thought I'd go to college and play ball and hoped that one day there would be a WNBA, obviously there is one now.

4) I became deathly depressed in 8th grade (hence Bball ended) upon finding out my dad was having an affair on my mom and then finding out he also slept with his brothers wife while married to my mom-he thought he should get it out on the table for his 13 year old daughter.

5) I used to take 30 laxatives a day for about 3 years, it was apart of my bulemic years. Not to mention the throwing up and exercise obsession intertwined in that drama.

6) I love my children so much it hurts.

7) My parents stole $100,000 from the federal government when I was 11, it deeply did and still does affect me.

8) I went to the state spelling bee when I was 13.

9) I won a free throw contest while in the 6th grade. I beat my whole middle school, the girls and the boys.

10) I snuck out of the house when I was 10. I was driven all the way across town with my sister, her friends and the driver (who was over 18 and driving 13 year old girls and one 10 year old around at 2 in the morning.) I don't remember what we were doing. But I do remember that we stayed out until the sun came up b/c the dude dropped us off somewhere and then forgot about us. I remember trying to pee in a field and I couldn't see anything so I accidentally peed allover my pants as I squatted in the field. It was so much fun. (Could you imagine your 10 year old doing that??? Where the freak were my parents?)

I'd like to pass this award on to Jenni over at Oscarelli. She's always so straight forward about life with her babes. She doesn't sugar coat nothing! Here you go Jenni, I'd buy you a drink too except the whole distance issue. But if I'm ever in your neck of the woods you got a dark and heavenly glass of beer coming your way. Cheers!

EDIT: The first one, about my marriage. For those of you are utterly confused...I accidentally posted a personal journal entry on here about being unhappy with my marriage. Some of you read it and some of you didn't. So there you go.