Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Crawling W

Two weeks before W turned 1 he started to crawl. This new found freedom has been wonderful for W but a bit stressful for me. I believe at this point W has consumed dog food almost every other day b/c I'm just not quick enough for Quick Crawl Macgraw!

Fortunately, the baby gates we installed recently are now controlling the dog food consumption a bit more! Although when the gates are open and W is on the run you can probably guess he's at the dog bowls playing in the water bowl or picking up handfuls of food.

First Birthday Party

Here is W enjoying his birthday cake at his 1st Birthday Party!

He had a lot of fun and received many wonderful gifts and love from friends and family.

We're having a Baby Girl!

Today we found out that I am carrying Super N. She will arrive at/around Aug 16th of this year.
This pregnancy has gone quite a bit different than my pregnancy with W. To explain, I've had gallbladder problems throughout this pregnancy which has caused me to have to go on a lowfat diet. That honestly has been tough for me! And I have pretty constant pain and indigestion. I was told that I probably will end up in the ER many times over the course of my pregnancy, which is a bit frightening. At this time we have only ended up in there once and hopefully that will be the only time.
Also, I first felt Super N kick at 13 weeks and since then she's not stopped kicking. I didn't feel W kick for the first time until the 24th week of pregnancy. Also, this pregnancy is a bit more exhausting b/c i have a 1 year old to take care of during the day while taking care of the house and running errands.
But overall i'm thankful for my soon-to-be new daughter and my little boy.

The Hub will have a little daughter to stress him out over the next 20 or so years. So this should be fun! :)