Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pizza Freak

I love Pizza! In fact I could eat it every day. While out last night the Hub and I noticed that Papa John's is now serving Whole Wheat Pizza. So we ordered one (extra cheese & extra musrooms) and thought it was really good.
Overall it looked like a traditional pizza but less greasier. Also, it had a whole grain flavor that added to the overall flavor. It was a bit denser and chewier and it had an almost dry texture. I don't believe the dry texture took away from the flavor or the consistency.

I always feel like I need to add an explanation when talking about yummy foods that have been altered some way to be made healthier. You can't compare whole wheat pizza crust in my opinion to the traditional pizza pie, I believe they both are their own animal. But instead drop all comparisons and enter the whole wheat pizza world with an open and non judgemental frame of mind.
This is a great alternative if you need or want to order in and have a hankering for pizza but want it to be healthier.

note: Just b/c it's ww and is better for you doesn't mean it won't clog your arteries! But it's nice to know that I have a healthier option when I want to eat crap. (Crap food for me= yummy food)

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