Friday, March 27, 2009

Pretend Play

Sailing the seas of...Cheese!

W: Quick get onto the boat out of the water!
Super N: Where's my (um)brella sail?!
Momma: Are you guys sailing?
W & Super N: Yeah!
Momma: Watch out for sharks!


Rachel said...

You're so lucky they get along and play together so well!

What is it with kids and umbrellas? Mine love to open them up in the house, too!

Sicky Monkey said...

So cute!

Shady Lady said...

I love creative imagination play! It is just so much fun to watch. :)

Cara said...

Not only are your kids friggin' adorable, they are awesome! Love your stories about them playing together :)

Fiona said...

Love it! These are the moments I always want to run and grab the video cam!