Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby J 4.5 months

Baby J has taken a turn for the better as of late (possibly the last week but I can't quite remember). He is cooing and squealing a lot and giggling when I tickle him. One thing that makes nursing him at 2am or 4am not completely horrible is that he will give me the biggest smile when I'm changing his diaper.

He seems so sweet to me but others beg to differ. Not sure why but he screams when he's being held by anyone else. I've been told he's a momma's boy, which is a double edge sword honestly, therefore he only wants to be held by me. The Hub did give him a bottle a few times last weekend when I ran off to Ikea for the whole day to buy cabinets and after that he's seemed to warm up to daddy.

The Hub is actually getting a smile out of him at times. It seems his colick is dissappearing (hopefully) and that his spit up is lessening, a plus about this is that I smell less like rotting milk and that I get to enjoy a happier & sillier baby. We're grateful for the changes and are welcoming more happier baby moments.

We shall see if he can warm up to Grandma this weekend. The Hub and I are leaving for Cleveland today for an overnight trip. We are going to see a concert and stay in a lovely hotel room, that I don't have to clean! Grandma was gracious to volunteer her time and energy and watch the kiddos. This means that Baby J is gonna get a bottle for almost 24 hours...I hope it goes okay.

On another note, I think his eyes might just be turning brown. It's difficult to tell from the pic, they kind of come off grey but we'll see soon enough.

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Amanda C. said...

Hey, girl! Sorry I haven't seen your blog in a while. Thanks for reminding me about it. Have fun in Cleveland sans kids. You deserve a break with hubby! Take care, and can't wait to hear how the trip went.

Amanda C. said...

Great pictures of Baby J! By the way, TAG, you're it!!! Check out the latest post on my blog at to find out what I'm talking about. Have a great trip!

H.E.Eigler said...

My goodness is he ever CUTE!