Monday, August 25, 2008

Garden Goods

Check out what I harvested tonight from the garden. My bounty includes turnips, carrots, one beet, onions, swiss chard, a selection of red and green tomatoes, hot peppers and a bunch of basil. I'm so excited! I've been picking cherry tomatoes off the vine over the last two weeks and I've used a few onions and I've eaten a sweet pepper and a hot pepper. But it seems now my garden is doing fantastic! My bon bon squash plant croaked b/c I believe it became infested with something but I have a huge gord on my other squash plant. Also, my sad cauliflower plant that seemed to have died this summer...well it's alive and kicking! It's taking off! And my other cauliflower plant is huge and has a head of cauliflower about 4" in diameter. I'm so excited that I'm already thinking about what I'm going to grow next year! Although I did plan to have a winter garden I may nix it b/c of trying to sell the house and such. But a yard is now an abosolute must for me! I cannot wait to garden next year and I sure hope I'm settled into a new house by next February so I can grow my garden.
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