Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Baby It Seems

A happy baby after consuming a whole jar of sweet potatoes! After contemplating for a while whether or not to start Baby J on solids at 6 months or 4 months I chose the latter. Although it seemed his colicky behavior was ending last week it reared its ugly head this past weekend. Also after many weeks of 12 hour nights he's been waking up to nurse betwwen 4-6 am the last few mornings. This to me suggests that perhaps he may be having a growth spurt and wants more grub!
Incorporating solids into his diet & my schedule should be fun. One more thing to try to remember when we go somewhere or just one more thing to try to remember to do while at home. That reminds me, I need to remember to write an update on how W's potty training is going these days.

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