Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Super N's 2nd Birthday

Super N turned 2 on August 9th. We threw a little party for her with grandparents, great grandparents and some neighbors. It was fun and although my dad didn't get to the bakery in time to request his angel cake for her, they both were happy with the Tinkerbell cake.

Ahh the age of 2...have I ever mentioned I hate this age? I'm serious. Extreme I know but anyone that has a two year old can understand my feelings I think.

When Super N turned 2 it was exactly like another being invaded her little body and replaced her with a screaming, tantrum throwing, uncontrollable little kid. Okay that's extreme it's not like she hasn't thrown tantrums before but these "new" tantrums are crazy. She's just so moody and you can tell she's trying to communicate but is so frustrated b/c she can't get out what she wants to say. W was the same way I remember. It was rough when he turned 2 as well. Over that year though as he learned how to communicate and I guess felt more understood he settled down a bit. We feel bad for Super N right now b/c she's not getting much sympathy, we're beat. Baby J has reverted back to waking up a couple times a night or sometimes just once but it's difficult to function with two toddlers and a 5 month old when your house is is disarray and you're just plain tired.

Oh yes my house is in disarray. In terms of change, I always try to remind myself that "things" always seem to get worse before they get better and this I'm finding is true as well when trying to prepare your house to be put on the market. Maybe though it's just me and my addiction to chaos or maybe it's actually true. Regardless my house is in a state of messiness that's just gross!

More on the house stuff in the next post perhaps...

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Amanda C. said...

I'm so sorry I missed N's birthday! I hope you all had a great one, despite the fact that she's now into the "terrible twos". I'm so feeling you on that one, right now!