Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Preparing to Sell

So in the last few weeks we have decided to prepare our home to put on the market. This is very sad for us b/c we love our house and have continued to work on it over the last 6.5 years to make it "our home". But it's inevitable that there is not enough space. It seems two babes in this house was fine/manageable/enjoyable/comfortable. But with Baby J now needing to be in a separate room, sharing a bedroom with W, we realized how much anxiety this has created in us.
Plus with all the toys, clothes and just regular stuff in the house we are busting at the seams.
One thing I have done is begin to weed our house of stuff by selling some large items but this still hasn't been enough. We are now thinking it terms of getting rid of stuff not to create more space for ourselves but instead to create a peaceful experience for potential buyers as they look at our house.

This past weekend I prime painted in preparation to paint the living room, trim, staircase, fireplace and some trim in the dining room. I have a ways to go but it doesn't seem overwhelming...yet. We recently had a new back door installed and a storm door on both the front and back doors. The company who installed the back doors managed to wreck a bit of my laundry room wall. Therefore I need to get them back out here to do some drywall repair-money. They also need to replace some lattice along side the house-more money, & repair some fascia board on the front of the house-even more money. I have a painter coming out tomorrow to tell me his estimate on painting our house-a must. And we need to have our front porch steps repaired. And to top the whole thing off I'm heading to Ikea this saturday to purchase the rest of our kitchen cupboards (we started buying them two years ago).
Wow what a whirlwind of activity! I don't know if we'll actually meet our goal but we are going to try.
We did go out last night with our Realtor to scope out some houses in Olde Town East, essentially downtown. It's awesome over there...well it's also sketchy over there too. But we wanted to look b/c the neighborhood is kind of up and coming and it's similar to German Village. We found a remarkable house & we found a few duds.

We are also looking in Clintonville & Worthington. We haven't had any luck finding 4 bedrooms in Clintonville for our price range and with at least 1.5 bathrooms (ideally 2). Although we're not ready to buy yet we feel so confused with where we want to live. We just assumed Clintonville would be where we "ended up" but you don't get a lot of space for the money and the taxes are high. But of course Worthington taxes are higher but you can get a lot of space and the Hub's parents live there so that would be nice. Plus the schools are good, neighborhoods are safe and it's close to where I do the majority of our shopping.


erin fry said...

wow. that's a lot going on. i'll be praying for you guys!

Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

How exciting! It is a big job just to get organized and get the house in order. Good luck. If you need a contractor for anything let me know - we worked with an awesome guy for our basement. He does pretty much everything or outsources for you to other great companies.