Tuesday, March 18, 2008

W and Super N these days

Super N has what appeared to me to be an ear infection. She was digging in her ears one day last week so I noted to myself to keep an eye on her for green boogies or fussiness, etc. She developed some green boogies over the weekend and was incredibly fussy and sleepy yesterday. I decided to call for an appointment with Dr. Barrett so I could get her on meds asap since playgroup is at my house this week and since W's family birthday party is saturday. Also, just in case Baby J comes early I'd like Super N to not be sick. So I got an appt. and we went in yesterday. Apparently she has a viral cold that presents itself like an ear infection. It doesn't require antibiotics, since it's a virus and will run it's course, to which I'm grateful but the length of time this cold will run is around 2 to 3 weeks versus a normal cold that is 7-9 days, yikes! I don't believe she is contagious but sad for her cause she's uncomfortable.

While leaving the doctor's yesterday I let Super N walk as opposed to riding in the stroller. It was so cute to see W and Super N following me around like little ducklings. I think I really like this age and I'm looking forward to the next year of them becoming more independent and talking more.

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