Saturday, March 01, 2008

Grocery Trip Last Week

I forgot to post how much I spent at Giant Eagle & CVS last week, it's been a bit of a chaotic and sleepless week.

At any rate, I spent $120 at Giant Eagle! I will not be going back there for a while unless I have coupons and only buy things on sale. As you can see I went way over my designated budget. Once again the convenience factor of Giant Eagle bit me in the butt.

On a good note though, they did have pork Tenderloin $1.97 a lb and 85% lean Ground Chuck $1.99 a lb for 3lbs or more. I bought 10lbs of the beef and a 5.5lbs of the pork tenderloin. I also got $.60 more off of my gas per gallon which with my recent purchases totaled $.80 off a gallon. I happened to need my gas tank filled right after shopping Monday night so that was helpful.

For my menu this week, courtesy of I plan to substitute 2 or 3 of the meals with ground chuck meals and pork tenderloin meals. I'm thinking bbq pork & probably hamburgers (I love a good burger!!).

Fyi, the menusformoms website is such a great resource. Albeit some of the recipes are a bit strange so keep an open mind. This website provides free weekly menus and a grocery list, how convenient is that?! Also, they have past menus archived on their website so you can search for an ingredient you may have gotten on sale or need to use up. This is how I decided on the menu I'm going to use this week, bbq pork & another pork dish etc.

I hope this website is helpful for others.

In regards to my trip to CVS, I was a bit disappointed this week with my experience. I ended up buying

1 container of Boost
a revlon mascara
a revlon eyeliner
some revlon emery boards
easter egg dying cups
a venus embrace razor
2 bags of Organic Soil (only $1 more than regular soil at CVS nonetheless).

My total was: $43.93

I used the $23 in ECB's I got last week and then the $4 coupon CVS gave me via email for signing up on their website and I had a $2 coupon.

So I paid $15.94 & received $7 back in ECB's. Now I'm supposed to receive another $10 in ECB's but for some reason the cash register didn't generate this ECB. I had to wait at the store for an extra 20 minutes Monday night as the manager tried to contact someone on the phone to figure out why I didn't get my $10. I did leave without my $10 but was told someone would call me, they still haven't called me. So in anticipation of this I didn't open any of the Revlon products so that I can return them today or tomorrow.

To explain though why I was to receive $10 in ECB's, if you purchased $20 of Revlon products last week you received $10 back.

Also, the Boost drink was $1 and I received $1 back in an ECB and The Venu Razor was $9.99 I had a $2 off coupon and they gave me $6 back in ECB's.

So when I return the Revlon products I will have spent $5.26 out of pocket and I still have $7 in ECB's to redeem. So stay aware when you are doing the CVS thing, pay attention to what you are supposed to receive in ECB's and make sure you get them.

This week I believe I'm going to go to Walmart to shop for groceries.

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Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

Giant Eagle has double coupons on the weekends. Of course, you have to venture there on a weekend day...not fun. :) Meijer has a ton of their own brand of, too. It is much less than the name