Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ahh Taxes

I took advantage of the blizzard weather last weekend and did our taxes, well I didn't do the city taxes but I sufficiently passed those off to the Hub.

We were kind of dreading tax time this year b/c we knew we would owe. Fortunately we owed half as much as we thought!

So I guess everyone will be getting rebates this year after April 15th in hopes to "stimulate the economy". Or in other words it's just an advance on next years taxes so put that in a high yield savings account if you can and collect some interest on it!

Although I'll be putting most of it in savings I think we might take a little and use it to fix up our porch (me fix it up, a lot cheaper albeit tiring and a dirty job) or get a new screen door b/c ours has gotten real ghetto looking and acting. Oh yeah I'm still waiting for a concrete lifting company to give me an estimate on raising our front steps, you'd think they'd want some cash but I haven't gotten one estimate after calling 3 companies. Let's hope they're waiting for warmer weather before trekking out here otherwise my steps will not be lifted this year.

Who knows!

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