Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Bit Of Energy

I was up at 2:30am tuesday morning b/c I could not sleep. I started perusing the online ads for local grocery stores and came up with a list of mostly meat that was on sale. Meijer has lean ground chuck for $1.89 a lb from the meat counter this week. They also like last week have B1G1 on their frozen chicken breast but this week it's tenders as opposed to whole breasts. These are $14.98 for 4lbs once again making the chicken $1.87 a lb.

I purchased 15lbs of ground chuck (you should've seen the butchers and the hubs face) but I had a plan! If the ground chuck is $1.99 a lb or less I'm stocking up for now on if I need beef. I also got two bags of the chicken breast tenders, 8lbs for $14.98.

This morning I must have gotten a burst of energy b/c I spent a few hours in the kitchen, while the kids destroyed the house, and prepared a bunch of stuff for the freezer. The meat I bought this week combined with the meat I bought last week should keep us covered for meals for at least 2 months or more.

This is what I put together today.

3 uncooked meatloaves

about 30-40 meatballs, roasted

13 salsbury steak burgers, parroasted

4lbs of browned ground chuck, individually wrapped in 1lb pkgs for tacos, chili, etc.

2lbs of steamed, diced chicken breast, individually wrapped in 1lb pkgs. Hope to cook more but ran out of energy!

10 hamburgers seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper

I diced about 4lbs of idaho potatoes, tossed them with ranch dressing powder and roasted them in the oven until crispy. I then pkgd them equally in 4 pkgs.

I also got to Sams this week and got the Ravioli I like. This is conveniently easy! It requires boiling and I like to throw it in a dish with sauce and cheese and then bake it, yum!

My goal in all this is to have to leave the house as little as possible for groceries. We'll still have to go to the store for milk and some fruit and maybe some veggies but overall the meat is covered for a while. One thing I found out about myself when I made freezer meals for my family while pregnant with Super N is that I don't like to pull completed meals out of the freezer. I like to be able to smell the food cooking and I enjoy doing some of the prep work. What I prepped today gives me options as to what I can cook which I like very much..

Some things I still hope to make, but we'll see how I feel over the next few days or weeks.

Goat Cheese, mozzarella, and parmesan calzones (I'd like to make 4 med & 4 small)

Deep Dish Pizza dough (at least 2)

Hamburger buns and Hotdog buns (found a great whole wheat recipe, easy too!)

Make up some pancake & waffle batter and freeze

Make up some Homemade Bisquick mix (found an excellent version that uses whole wheat flour)

Make a pot of beans to freeze to use when canned beans are needed (we're trying to eat more beans)

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