Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seed Planting II

So I have my whole seedling set up in the basement now. I believe I have over 100 seeds planted and waiting to sprout. Jason and I got the heat pad working thus far but we've not had success with getting the grow light to come one. What's up with that?? I emailed the company though and they are sending me new bulbs asap. They were very fast in responding and did not give me the run around to which I'm very grateful.
I'll keep you updated as things progress!
I had planned on planting a few of the heartier seeds outside this past saturday but my plans were derailed by the blizzard.
I've been collecting our used Milk Jugs so I can cut off part of the bottom and use the jug as a green house to keep the heartier seeds from getting too cold. The pour spout also allows you to water the seeds! I think this idea is wonderful! It's not my idea but a suggestion I found online.

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