Saturday, March 01, 2008

Playing in the Dirt in February

I came across an idea on another mom's blog about using whole wheat flour as dirt and letting your kids play with sand toys and cars and anything they can fill and dump with. I liked the idea but I put some whole wheat flour in a roasting pan and it was incredibly messy and seemed too soft and floury to deal with. As I was perusing through my cupboards I saw two large cans of bread crumbs. I grabbed one and dumped it in my roasting pan and it immediately became dirt for W's Dump truck, Digger and his Shoveler (I still don't have all the "accurate" names down like daddy!) W just loved playing in the dirt with his machines and we sat and played for well over an hour. Well to clarify, I distracted Super N and fought her off of W's cool dirt thing and would lend an extra set of machine noises and hands to drive and dump the machines every few minutes or so.
I thought this was a great idea for those yucky days you don't want to go outside or those days when, in my case, you didn't sleep the night before.Sidenote: I didn't have plain bread crumbs only Italian seasoned ones, W thought the green stuff in it (parsley) was grass...He loved this idea

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That is a great idea!