Friday, March 07, 2008


Yesterday was my 9th wedding anniversary. Tonight the Hub and I are going out to dinner after we drop the kids off at Grandmas and Grandpas for the night. We are very excited.

The above words from Elizabeth Barrett Browning were scanned from my Wedding schedule. Ironically EBB was born on the day we were married, I didn't know this when I chose to include this piece of writing. I think it's lovely and I feel it's more true today then how I felt 9 years ago.

I remember how anxious and depressed I was 9 years ago and I'm so grateful for how God has used my stable and loving husband to really help me understand love in a deeper way. And how life really is not as chaotic as my home life was. The hub and I have our problems but we have such a deeper understanding of one another and value one another so much more now than we ever had. I'm very grateful for him being in my life and even though this season of our life is chaotic, with almost 3 little demanding people that don't allow us to be as selfish as we wish or to spend that much quality time together, we are having fun most days of the week (of course we're then collapsing in bed from exhaustion!).

I had W and Super N on my lap yesterday reading to them and I was thinking that 9 years ago they didn't exist and how weird that is! Jason and I had thought for our 10 year anniversary we'd go overseas to Italy and travel to a few other countries but where we are at in life with the 3 little people, that's not gonna happen! So the trip will be postponed (maybe the 15th or 20th anniversary??) and we'll do something probably like this year.

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