Thursday, March 13, 2008

Seed Planting III

So when I set up my seeds this past weekend in the basement I couldn't get the grow light to work. I emailed the company b/c they are closed on sundays, they immediately responded the next day via email that the bulbs must be bad and they're shipping me new ones asap.

I received the new bulbs today and the Hub put them in and they too do not work. He opened up the light fixture to see what he could find out (electronics engineer major) and determined the light for whatever reason is broke. How upsetting! Now I have to email the company again and wait longer to get light onto my seeds. I'm just hoping they'll be as accomodating as they were with replacing the assumed blown out bulbs.

Fortunately, I checked on my seeds and the majority of my tomatoes have 2.5" sprouts and my leaf lettuce has 1.5" sprouts so some things are growing which makes me feel better as I await for a new fixture.


It's frustrating sometimes ordering stuff online. Most of the time I don't have problems with products but as of late it seems I have.

I ordered some dishwashing detergent through back in January when they were doing the 20% off the Subscribe and Save program. I was able to get this particular product pretty darn cheap. Well it came and out of 12 bottles 6 of the bottles lids were broken and the products were upside down so most of the detergent was pouring out of the containers and had filled the box they inhabited and was starting to leak through the outside box. Of course nobody noticed this until it was laying in my living room floor. What a mess! But amazon was great and they shipped me out a whole new box for free and gave me back my money on the other one and let me keep the unopened 6 bottles of soap.

For W's birthday we found this cool wooden toaster that comes with fake toast and butter. It arrived today and we decided to give it to him since he'll be receiving another gift from us on his birthday and then more gifts after that from his grandparents and cousins, etc. Well the bottom of the toaster was all jacked up. So tomorrow I have to call the company and find out what I need to do. Of course I can't take the toaster from him right now b/c he would not understand so I'm not sure what's going to happen. It's just a bit annoying and disappointing.

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