Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Sam's Club trip that turned into my Meijer trip

For some ungodly reason my crazy body woke me up at 5am yesterday morning. I went to bed really late the night before, 1am b/c once again my crazy body would not shut down and let me sleep.

So I toss and turn for about 10 minutes and get this idea that I could go to Sam's and buy things that I want to stock up on for when Baby J comes.

Bulk cheese
Coffee (Hub will be too tired to roast for a while I'm sure!)
chicken breast
1/2 & 1/2
peanut butter
mac & cheese (totally convenient and easy!)

Well I thought I remembered that business owners get in at 5:30 and regular membership owners get in at/around 8am or something. Well I get dressed wake the Hub and let him know my plans and then I head to Sam's at Sawmill at 5:30am. I get there only to discover they actually open at 7am for business owners and 10am for all other memberships. Duh! You'd think I'd look at my card before trekking out at 5:30am! But I was one of the only people out and I got to listen to NPR uninterrupted and I got a hot cup of coffee to drink in the car again uninterrupted. It wasn't actually awful even though I was tired.

So since Sam's was closed I headed across the street and a little North to Meijer, they're opened 24 hours. I grabbed my list and went about my business. It took me almost an hour and then I had to use the "help yourself" checkout lane. The machine kept boogering up my purchases and then requiring me to get approval, it took forever! It then ate my receipt! The guy that helped me couldn't get anyone to come and help him and so he told me he'd mail me my receipt. I looked at him skeptically and was like "sure you will!" But I got his name and I'll call back in a few days to make sure they actually do mail my receipt.

So I ended up spending $155 at Meijer this week. I planned on not going to the store at all (except for necessities) b/c I have plenty of meals in the freezer from a few months ago to last the week. I discovered this fact this past weekend as I was fussing with stuff in the basement to make the basement accessible for me to take care of my seeds. But I know now I'm nesting and so I'm feeling the urge to get as much in order to make life "easier" for myself, the hub and the kids for now and when Baby J comes.

So let's see what deals did I get?

Starbucks coffee (all varieties including decaf) is $6.99 a bag. It's normally $8-$9 something a bag. At Sam's I'd paid $19.99 (well at least 2 months ago maybe it's risen in price??) for 2lbs and only had the options of House blend, Breakfast blend, or French Roast. I was able to get 5 bags (60 oz) for $9.32 a lb as opposed to $10.08 a lb at Sam's with limited variety.

Also, boneless skinless chix breast (frozen) were B1G1 free. They are 4lb bags so I got 8lbs of chix for $14.98. This ends up being $1.87 a lb!! I've not been able to get chix that cheap in a long time. I do prefer the fresh and "natural" chix but I'm really trying to save money right now and this chicken will most likely be in casseroles, soups, and doctored up someway so it should be fine.

I probably didn't get as great of a deal on cheese but I did get a significant deal on light butter, which is normally $3.99 for 4 sticks. I got it for $1.99 on sale, I grabbed 3 packages.

I believe I spent around the same amount I'd have spent at Sam's, plus or minus a few ounces. But I didn't get the Ravioli. Maybe I can get my dad-in-law to pick me that up since he goes pretty often.

I've not made it to CVS yet. We've had colds around here and aren't feeling like doing much except what has to be done so I may not get there this week. The only thing I want to buy right now are diapers for the newby to have on hand and shampoo for Will's reoccuring cradle cap.
Maybe I'll get a spurt of energy and head out there tonight or tomorrow night.

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