Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby J 9.5 months

Baby J is now 9.5 months. He's crawling all over the place. My other two babes didn't start until around the age of 1-this is new for all of us! And he's also waving. This may sound dumb but honestly I didn't know 9 month old babies could wave, that they were capable. He also repeats sounds that you say. If we say "da da da da" he'll say it. He'll also say "ma ma ma ma" and "ba ba ba ba". Tonight I said to him "no no no no" and he said "na na na na". He also does this funny thing where he'll scrunch his upper lip up to his nose and then inhale through his nose and then we'll laugh and it makes him sniff louder and then we'll both laugh together. He's really a cutie, we're lovin him.
I just bought a new baby carrier today so I can keep him close while the other babes play about. I already have a Sleepy Wrap a Hip Hammock and a Snugli. I know, I know! Why the hell did I buy another one?! I wanted something that didn't completley tie the babe to me but instead allowed us both a bit more freedom unlike the Sleepy Wrap (although I plan to use it to carry the other babes on my back or the Huz's back when we're out as a family). The Hip Hammock doesn't necessarily tie the baby to me but it's a carrier that I can't use really at all b/c when Baby J is in it the strap on it digs into my neck and it's not very supportive to my back after even just a few minutes. I've really not used the Snugli too much with any of the kids. I was out with W taking a walk when he was a babe and I almost fell b/c I couldn't see my feet and I felt awkward with it on. The baby carriers I was considering were the Hotsling or the Poppy Pouch (silly ass names I know.) I went to a local store today, Sprout Soup, and tried on a bunch of wraps and slings. I ended up loving the Scootababy Carrier. It's kind of funny b/c I was not at all interested in it but the lady helping me told me it was her favorite so I thought I'd give it a go. I wore that sucker around the store, with Baby J in if for almost an hour! They have awesome things there so of course I had to look around. The Scootababy is incredibly comfortable and I felt that Baby J was totally secure and although I had some slight pain in my hips, I don't recall my back hurting at all! I'm excited to take the kids out and about more now since I found a comfortable carrier that frees me so I can sprint across the room in enough time to save Super N from certain death.

Speaking of Super N... she's almost 2.5. She just ate a pb & j can you tell? What a fun, polite and sassy litte girl! She is talking so much now and asks questions. I just filled out paperwork for her to start preschool next August. She'll go two days a week and I know she'll love it.

Oh my gosh this kid is talking so much now! He is incredibly inquisitive and full of imagination. He really loves preschool and although sometimes he gets sad when I drop him off, b/c he doesn't want me to leave, he seems to recover pretty quickly and jumps right in.
I had a conference with his teacher a few months ago and she mentioned he was an excellent artist. That's my kid! He also doesn't transition well and gets timeout for talking...yeah that's my kid too! It's so cool to see this in him since art is such a love of mine! But more b/c he truly seems happy when he's drawing or playing with playdoh or doing someother craft. He will turn 4 soon, I can't believe it!


Tony said...

Look into seeing if CCAD has any free/low cost classes for kids W's age...
I KNOW for a fact that they do help to strengthen any ability a little person has.
Buddy of mine had a budding artist a few years ago...she's 17 now and is awesome! The direction/encouragement they give kids really helps!

Momma Bear said...

Thanks Tony!
Yeah I've always hoped (and secretly planned) to get my kids in art classes. I knew ccad did them but i've not called to see if they do them for wee ones.Thanks for the tip!

Glass of Whine said...

I just can't believe how much they have grown.

lizbonj said...

They are so GORGEOUS!!!

Jenni said...

you know, I've been thinking and thinking about a new baby carrier but I just had no idea which one to choose, so this was really the perfect post at the perfec time for me.

and, holy crud your kids are cute. so cute!

Momma Bear said...

THanks Jenni!

I'm so glad my spiel helped with the whole "holy crap which carrier do I get!"
Hope you are well with your newby and other babe.

take care!