Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hair of The Blog week 2

Okay I'll be straight with you guys and tell you that it feels very strange to be posting pictures of my naked legs on this blog. That was never my intention but this whole Hair of The Blog thing is so much fun and my new found blogger friend Rachel is such a hoot and has been another light in my life this last month that I could in no way not enter her contest. However I can tell you I will not be winning any competition with those legs above! There are no hairs on those suckers!

But after chatting with Rachel she told me I could enter my eybrows too! Woohoo...I think. Yeah okay it's kind of ambarrasing but at least when my playgroup mommies see my unwaxed brows they won't think I'm not aware of what's going on above my eyes.. I know ladies okay...I know! :)

Okay so here you go. I know the pictures are blurry but it doesn't matter! The furriness still shows through! I had these babies waxed last week-seriously! I need to scrounge up my 7th grade photos, the days where I allowed caterpillars to take up residence above my eyes. How can one part of your body be so furry and yet another part not so much?

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Rachel said...

Wow! Lucky you on the hairless legs!!! Although, the brows are coming along nicely! I think it was a good decision to enter those, instead!

And yes, this is way too much fun and I laughed all the way through your post!!!

BoLOGna said...

i would LOVE it if my leg hair stopped growing and my eyebrows grew back...ill try and refrain from any sasquatch comments next time i see you :)

Momma Bear said...


Aliceson said...

who-da thought? hairy eyebrows but nearly hairless legs. Brows are def. winning!