Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Little Story From My Past...

I've been inspired by my fellow momma bloggers Super Ninja Mommy over at Two Under Two and Tara over at The Cupcake Cafe, to think of a story from my past and share it with you guys. They both just recently shared stories from their pasts that cracked me up! Now I don't presume to think I'll make you laugh but maybe you could humor me and pretend it's funny. You know lie to me.

Okay so when I was 12 me and 2 of my friends rode the bus downtown to the City Center Mall. The City Center Mall doesn't really exist anymore but when it was open it was a pretty hoppin place for a while. So we rode the bus down there and thought we'd just walk around for a while and do what 12 year old girls with no money do-ride the escalator up and down and try to look cute so all the older boys notice you.

When we were getting ready to leave we shuffled over to the hotel lobby that was connected to the mall and asked the hotel attendents if they could tell us where the bathrooms were. They told us and we headed in that direction. We made a wrong turn at some point and ended up walking into a banquet room that had about 6 large tables in it. Each table was covered with different types of food. My friends and I quickly scanned each table and zeroed in on the very last one. The one that was covered with an assortment of desserts. The one that had two large glass bowls filled to the brim with full-sized candy bars. We forgot we had to pee.

A guy in a suit appeared and didn't seem to mind that we were there. He was very polite to us and welcomed us to take whatever we wanted! Say What? For real? Yes that's what he said and then he left. It was clear that we all were thinking the same thing b/c as soon as Suit Man left we all took off runnin for the candy bar table! We grabbed handfuls of candy bars-full sized candy bars. You'd think we hadn't eaten for days the way we were shoving those candy bars down our pants and in our pockets. You know what? We managed to get every single one of those candy bars into our drawers. When we were done we realized it was getting late so we headed for the bus stop. When we got on the bus we headed straight towards the back so we could check out are booty.

It must have occurred to us a few minutes later how odd of a situation we were in cause we all 3 just burst out laughing. How strange we thought. And why did we feel the need to take 200 candy bars and shove them in our pants? Like we were really gonna eat 200 candy bars between the 3 of us? We could not stop laughing, it was so weird and so damn funny. Not to mention the damn candy bars kept falling out of my waistband and down my pants-it was too unreal and the situation kept making me laugh.

My parents were a little bewildered when I showed them my cut of the booty. I had to convince them I didn't hold up the UDF.


Tony said...

...I dunno why but the pool scene from "Caddy Shack" popped into my head...

Rachel said...

OMG! This really is funny and brings back memories for me, too. I used to work at the City Center Mall (I almost hate to ask when the Great Candy Bar Heist took place for fear of finding out we were there at the same time and revealing how much older I am than you.), at Freshen's frozen yogurt among other places. Aaaahhh... COTA and UDF... good times!

Momma Bear said...

Omg I love caddyshack, gonna go put that on my amazon wishlist right now! I think your mind works a lot like mine Tony. You think "candy bar" ....ahh candy bar/turd/pool scene/ Caddyshack...YES, that's it!

We are some how connected I swear...gotta love a girl who gets my humor!! hah! I'm sure you're not that much older than me...??