Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hair and Skin Care

I have a friend that I have known for 20 years and I adore her. She resides in Boston with her hubby and is currently pursuing her Phd.

She recently introduced me to her online store, Identity Hair and Skin Care where she sells handmade hair and skin care products made by her. She's got a bachelors in Biology from MIT-so she's a brainy chick who knows how to roll in this arena (and she also uses big words like saponification.)

I purchased some of her handmade products recently and received them in the mail today. They smell divine and are made from simple & natural ingredients. They're incredibly affordable as well, $3.75 for a bar of beautiful handmade soap!
Lavender & Milk Soap and Herbal Infusion Soap
I got the info below from her website to give you an idea of what goes into her products.

Handmade Soap
Identity soap is made by mixing natural plant oils and lye, a chemical process called saponification. The finished product consists of soap, glycerin, scents, added ingredients, and moisturizers. Handmade soap is excellent for people of any skin type because it cleanses and refreshes without over-drying and stripping the skin. The different types of soap bars include essential oils, moisturizers, herbs, milks, honey, as well as other ingredients that enhance each soap in its own way!

Hair Care Products
All of us have different hair care needs, and Identity specializes in hair conditioners, oils, and moisturizers. For dry hair (such as that of people of African decent), oil-based products are necessary for moisturizing and styling. Many of these products that are on the market are made from petroleum based oils (such as petrolatum), which are lower quality and simply sit on the hair without penetrating. The hair remains very dry, while only appearing to be moisturized. All hair creams, lotions, and oils from Identity are made from natural plant oils, which absorb into the hair, improving it's condition. Products are made to keep dry hair and scalp moisturized with less build-up and dandruff.
More oily hair simply needs a good rinse-out conditioner, or a light leave-in conditioner. All of the moisturizers at Identity can be used as rinse-out conditioners, or hot oil treatments. They add shine, moisture and manageability between washings!

The lotion at identity keeps things simple! We use basic ingredients, no fillers. Specifically, we include skin-nourishing natural moisturizers such as shea butter, cocoa butter, glycerin, aloe, and essential oils to make high-quality, rich lotion, beautifully scented! We have two varieties - one rich for dry skin, the other lighter for slight moisturizing or for summer / after sun.

Check out her store if you have the chance and see her handmade offerings!

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