Friday, January 23, 2009


I got all crafty today! The playgroup moms schooled me on the art of twirly princess skirts. I've been pondering making one for Super N and decided today that I wanted to. I was able to make it up to Joann's today and get some tulle and some elastic and voila! She loves it and it was about $5 for all of the supplies and it took me 1 hour to make.
You see Baby J there behind her? Well we didn't notice him crawl by. We noticed about 2 minutes later as he was half way up the stairs-scary!

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Rachel said...

How adorable! I'm not that crafty, but I think even *I* might be able to make something like that. My Valerie LOVES LOVES LOVES twirly princess skirts! Would you mind posting the instructions or emailing them to me???