Monday, January 05, 2009

This is so frickin industrious of me...we'll see how far I get.

I'm providing my next 2 weeks of menus.


Mon- Yogurt Parfaits (we copied Mcdonalds since the kids and I enjoy them.) w/ a banana.

Tues-Banana Crumb Top Muffins(I'll add wheat germ to the muffin batter.)

Weds-Apple French Toast Casserole

Thurs-Yeast Pancakes (I'll throw in some ww pastry flour.)

Fri- Oatmeal

Sat- Leftover brkfst items from the week.

Sun-Copycat IHOP Harvest Grain & Nut Pancakes (I have some batter frozen.) and Turkey Bacon

Mon- Lemonade Muffins

Tues- Baked Oatmeal

Weds- Toast w/ poached eggs

Thurs- chocolate chip pancakes

Fri- yeast waffles

Sat- Leftover breakfast foods from the week

Sun-Biscuits and Sausage Gravy


Mon- Friday: PB&J w/ apple slices or macaroni & cheese w/ apple slices


Mon- Fried Rice w/ leftover sticky chix I made on Sunday.

Tues- Chicken and Dumplings w/ leftover sticky chix

Weds- Creamy Burrito Casserole w/ a Spinach Salad

Thurs- White Chix Chili & cornbread

Fri- Lemon Garlic Pasta & White Bean & Tomato Salad

Sat- Chinese Chicken w/ Swt & Sour sauce, steamed rice & steamed broccoli

Sun-Brown Rice & Lentil Casserole w/ corn (I'll throw some tomato sauce in the cass.)

Mon- Hamburger Soup w/ Homemade Rolls

Tues- Thai Coconut curry w/ noodles and tofu

Weds- Really Good! Vegetarian Meatloaf w/ mashed pot's & peas

Thurs- Delicious Drumsticks w/ Rice & Noodle Pilaf & green beans

Fri- Beef Stroganoff and Steamed Broccoli

Sat-Elsa's Chicken Curry over rice

Sun- Portobello Stuffed Rigatoni (from a bag) w/ Tomato Sauce (I'll throw some TVP in.)

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