Monday, December 29, 2008

Menu Monday...Yeah Right!

So I'm enjoying the whole Menu Monday thang but to be honest with you my life is a bit out of whack right now to keep up with preparing meals for my family. With having the whole house thang shot down last week and being sick and moving at lighting speed shuffling every one to and fro for the holidays I'm a bit tired. My ear is acting strange still and I'm fighting some sort of other sinusy infection...god damn it! But I'm alive and kickin! Anyways...yes Menu Monday not gonna happen this week. I'm going to try to crawl to the grocery store and grab some cheese or stomething and toss it ontop of some sort of casserole or something made out of ingredients I have on hand. We'll see. I know I got some chix in the freezer I could thaw that and bake it. I think baked chix was on the menu last week, yes that's what I'll do!

Now that dinners out of the way...I was thinking that you guys that read this are going to get tired of my melancholy mood right now and bail on me. Listen don't do that. I'm very resourceful and will hunt you down. Just hang on with me as I go through this learning experience (shitty time) and try to hang on for dear life and not slip into a permanent funk and allow my kids to subside on goldfish crackers and eggnog for breakfast (Aye I know there are some vitamins in there somewhere!)

We're still hoping the potential buyer comes through and allows us to move on, although I tired of waiting for someone who doesn't appreciate my abode. Did I mention I hate this whole stupid process?

What's going on this week? Well it's almost New Year's..yay! Time to pull out the new budget mean yay! And the huz is gonna make some fancy alcoholic beverages this week for our celebration on the 31st. We're having a party and it's gonna be in front of the xbox 360-me and the huz drinking alcoholic beverages...that's how we roll. We're such an exciting couple!

Happy New Year!

Oh yeah the huz is turning old on saturday, it's his birthday! We're gonna go fancy and eat at a fine dining establishment. Hopefully the folks will watch the babes and it'll be an enjoyable birthday for him. I'm trying to think of something else fun for us to do that he would feel loved by. It occurred to me to take him to play Laser Tag but I'm kind of scared. I'm thinking we'll injure ourselves and how much does something like that cost anyways? I'm such a wet blanket sometimes. I should just schedule it and we should just go...I'm still kind of scared. I'll let you know if we (I) chicken out and take him to the movies instead.

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