Wednesday, December 03, 2008

With being a stay-at-home momma with small children my mind is often consumed with meeting their needs and what I must get done in the day. Since having babes it seems Thanksgiving and Christmas just go by without me being able to fully enjoy them. A couple Christmas's ago while out shopping I bought a cd of Christmas music. I think it was Alvin and The Chipmunks Do Christmas or something. At any rate I bought this cd and listened to it and it was if my shoulders relaxed and I exhaled and all the stress of life just lessened. I was able to go about preparing for Christmas and the season in just a better mood with a better outlook. It was so nice!
So what "works-for-me" is Christmas music. Listening to it everyday from November until Christmas Day. We have it on almost every dinner playing lightly in the background and while we're just hanging out at home. My kids and hubby seem to really enjoy it as well. And it helps me to slow down and enjoy Christmas.

Just kidding about the cd being Alvin and The Chipmunks...I'm much too sophisticated for that...HA!
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Casey said...

Ha! There are certain Xmas CD's that are nice and relaxing but others make me want to KILL! I went to the dentist today and they had the satellite Xmas station on and the girl there told me everyone already wants to kill each other from listening to it ALL DAY LONG. Glad it relaxes you though! I'm trying not to put any on until closer to Xmas so I don't get sick of it.
BTW, thanks for stopping by today!

Momma Bear said...

haha that's funny! I could totally see that. The weird thing is is that I used to hate xmas music! I don't quite understand it myself. But I do know I can't listen to all Xmas music. I prefer instrumental, piano with no music, and I like Nat King Cole not the cheesy stuff. Pottery Barn makes some nice xmas cds. And mind you I don't have it blaring, unless I'm dancing with the kids, it's subtlely (is that word?) playing in the background. Your blog is awsome btw- you're welcome!