Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm not sure what to title this post so for now I've left it blank. I'm just so disappointed at the buyer pulling out of her contract to buy our house. I'm also very frustrated b/c from all appearance she had no idea what she was getting herself into. And also this whole experience thus far reassures me that there needs to be some sort of regulation by the government on Appraisers and Inspectors in the area of real estate.

The reason the buyer pulled out of her contract, well what was communicated to us, is b/c she was overwhelmed by the amount of repairs that had to be done according to the inspector (who is often viewed as God in these situations). We're frustrated though because in the Request To Remedy paperwork she submitted to us she only listed three things she wanted us to perfom-and I got those done the very next day. But she pulled out anyway. It seems she was just really overwhelmed or something I'm not really sure, but nonetheless she committed and refused to be honest (from our perspective) and then didn't follow through with her committment to us. Her pulling out of the contract was legal because she had until the 25th to respond. It really sucks! We just feel like she led us on and it was so rude! What a frickin waste of time! And we were ready to close next week!

What do we do now? Well the contract on the new house is now void b/c we won't be closing on our house (someone pinch me this is not happening.) So at this point we lost our other house...the house. I don't think I can communicate how sad and angry we feel (I'm about to cut a bitch!) We're trying desperately to get perspective though b/c we know there are worse things in this world happening to people. And we are grateful for so much (but this bites the big one!) And whose to say the house we want won't be on the market for a while longer. And maybe someone else will actually like our house and we can still sell and move into the house. At any rate, we're gonna keep on keepin on and relist our house and have showings (ugg truly the worst part with 3 little babes!)

My mom and dad have been so encouraging through this process. I've gotten phone calls and emails over the last few days from the both of them. They keep telling me to keep going or actually mom says, "pull your big girl panties up and keep fightin, your a fighter girl!" She cracks me up more these days as we're learning to understand oneanother better.

So I guess saying this is a waste of time is not actually true. Since I wrote that up there in the second paragraph it's not sitting well with me. We have learned some things about what we will and won't do if we get a second offer. We've also learned how many people care! Our friends and family have been so thoughtful over the last day as we got the news yesterday morning. We really appreciate it! We've also been pretty sick these last few day, my eardrum almost ruptured on monday so I was in a lot of pain with a "raging ear infection" that's what the nurse practitioner called it. The Huz and I both are pretty sure we have sinus infections too. And Super N has pink eye in both eyes and Baby Jin one eye. I thought W had pink eye too but he has managed to escape all of our sicknesses and got to enjoy a day with extended family while we tried to rest at home in our sickness with two sick babes.

Today we're going to go to our Great Grandparents home and celebrate with family (uh more like try to breathe since there will likely be 35 people crammed into a not so large space...ugg.) It should be fun (perhaps I should bring my inhaler?) Or hopefully it will be somewhat relaxing (Oh how I hope it will.) At about 5ish we'll leave the G Rents and go to my parents home and open gifts with them and my sister's family-should be a Merry Ho Time...or something like that.

Merry Christmas

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erin said...

of course you're angry! i would be fuming as well! i'm sorry this has happened to you guys! i will continue to pray for the right buyer at the right time... so sucks.
i hope you have a merry christmas, despite all this crud.