Monday, December 01, 2008

Pretty Things for Girls

I cannot believe it's December already. I was able to do some Christmas shopping this weekend but usually I have it all done by December. I was not one of the many who braved the cold and the crowds on Black Friday to do my Christmas shopping (...those crazy fools..I'll probably do it next year). Instead I sat in a comfortable chair with my cup of coffee and my laptop and preceded to order gifts for my nieces online (and in my jammies I might add). It was awesome! Here are some of the cute items I managed to snag.

Jealous Huh? Where did I get these little lovelies you're wondering?Etsy! You must head over there and check out all of the many handmade items they've got for sale over there. If you are truly looking for something unique to give this holiday season go there!
I got the barrettes, ponytail holders and the birdy ring from ButtonBoutique. I snagged the other ring from katieskreations. It's for my 9 year old niece, Emma, I think she'll love it.

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