Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Day In The Life of Our House..Currently

Even though I have ear plugs in my ears I can hear a faint muffle. I barely open one eye and kind of peek out of it to see where the noise is coming from. My 2 year old is standing at the side of my bed in front of me buck naked, with a huge grin, patting my cheek and saying, "hi mommy!" Of course I'm hearing "mamaamam." I grit my teeth send up a short yet pleading prayer of, "please God help me," take my ear plugs out and get ready to face another day. I grab my naked 2 year olds hand and lead her to find her brother who I presume is naked as well. I hear the baby downstairs faintly whining and gooing at the same time. I turn the corner out of my room and see my naked 3 year old bouncing on his box springs, his mattress on the floor, the sheet lying next to it in a heap. I feel my heart rate increase a little as I quickly scan the room and notice that the window is open...again. I let go of my 2 year old's hand and walk across the room to the window. I peer outside and see 2 toys stuck in the gutter. Even though I can't see beyond the roof, experience tells me there is a pile of toys in the driveway just under the roof. I close the window, try to compose myself and turn to speak. At the same time I notice a stream of pee running down my 2 year olds leg as she says, "uh oh potty!" The baby's faint whines have now turned into hungry screams. And we haven't even gotten downstairs yet.
To be continued.


Rachel said...

Oh my! I can identify with the nudity and the peeing. Haven't yet had any second-floor-window-opening. That would scare the heck out of me!

Your days sound familiar. Remember, you're blogging all this, so years from now, you can look back and laugh!

Glass of Whine said...

Oh jeesh - the window thing is SCARY! Reminds me of Eric Clapton...poor mama.

Momma Bear said...

Thanks Rachel! The window is high on the wall and it's smaller but just big enough for little arms to reach up wing toys just right.

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

Oh my goodness. The joys of motherhood. ;)