Monday, December 22, 2008

Mi Vida Loco

I have 3 babes with Pink Eye. The Huz (formerly Hub) and I have raging sore throats with a side of green funk, aka phlegm. If I recall correctly I was sick last Christmas. Sheesh this is not what I had in mind for a Christmas tradition. (Perhaps next year a week before Christmas I'm going to load up on Coldeez to thwart this unwanted tradition.) Hopefully I'll ring in the new year phlegm free. Speaking of the new year I was hoping that the Huz and I could go party it up with friends and have a yummy dinner somewhere but not this year. We've concluded that our gift this year to one another is a house. Oh yeah we're buying a house!

What's up with the house?!

Well let's see. Both houses had inspections last week. We received a request to repair report on ours Thursday evening. Apparently some of the roofing tiles were damaged and some of the seals were broken (ice storm of 05' or hail storm of 06' or wind storm of 08'???) Some of the flashing was not where it should be as well. We also had a piece of soffit that was rotted. Apparently the painters we hired to paint our house for 4k 2 months ago neglected to tell us that we had some rotted woodness going on up there. However they had no problem painting right on over it...MOFOS! At any rate, we also had a small hole in a front gable and some minor electrical issues that will be solved tomorrow by our trusty electrician. All in all pretty easy and now we can breathe a bit. The report on the house that we are in contract with came back pretty clean. It did have 3 small gas leaks (eek!) and a cracked joist in the basement that we asked the owner to support with a piece of wood, we were informed this morning that she has obliged.

In regards to the inspection on the house, we shadowed the inspector and got to hang out in the house for 3 hours. It was really reassuring to walk through and find out that the house was in pretty good shape for being built around 1920. The house also has had some renovations done in the last 10 years that the inspector said were done well. (I actually have a cool story about the guy who actually did those renovations.)

There is a small room with a french door off of the family room (the pic above). It currently doesn't have a heat duct running to it. When I first walked through the home at the end of August I envisioned that room being a bathroom. The Huz agreed over time that this was a good idea. I inquired on whether or not that was a possibility and the inspector thought it was totally doable and would be rather easy since the plumbing for the toilet was directly below the room and the plumbuing was about 3 feet away! How exciting a downstairs pot woohoo! We plan to jump on that right after we move into the house. My dad is disabled and can't do stairs very well at all so having a bathroom on the bottom level will be awesome in many ways for everyone (including Mommabear who doesn't have to run two small butts up the stairs all the time when potty training happens or when she has to go to the pot.)

This last week has been retardedly ridiculous. Momma almost cut a bitch! Naw I'm just kiddin. But I did feel like that cause this mortgage industry is a crock of sh$*t. Let's just say I'm not surprised that so many mortgage companies and banks have went bankrupt...mofos. At any rate, we pushed our closing back to January 13th. Now we can enjoy Christmas a bit and pack in a slower fashion and breathe a little bit. Crazy fool what was I thinking to try to close on Dec 30th...sheesh!

MERRY CHRISTMAS lovely Monkeys!

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