Tuesday, April 14, 2009


W: Momma I 4?

Momma: Yep you're 4 now.

W: I bigger?

Momma: Yep you're bigger.

W: My penis bigger?

Momma: Uh well yeah I guess it probably is.

(About a year and a half ago he called it his menis.)


Aliceson said...

I always think it's funny how kids want to see themselves grow, like right now. "Measure me again Mom, I think I'm taller." Too cute!

My friend's little boy calls it his "butt thing."

The Three 22nds said...

That is so funny! My boys are all obsessive about their penises too. It must be a guy thing... :)

Rachel said...

My husband asks me that every year on his birthday, too.

Just kidding. Happy birthday, W! So many birthdays in your house lately!

Momma Bear said...

Yep a man thang! Hah!


Such Lovely Freckles said...

My son stands in front of his little measuring board every day to check if he's taller yet. And especially after his 6th birthday he really thinks he should be much taller.

Pam said...

Thanks so much for the awesome Easter Basket! I love it - How'd you know I LOVE chocolate - I'm trying to keep my hubby out of it so I can take a pic and post about it - I'm trying to catch up back at school after Spring break.
Thanks again,

Shady Lady said...


Princess was obsessed with growing for a while and was determined that she was going to be as tall as her daddy. But, ever since she's decided that she isn't going to be a grown up she hasn't mentioned it. ;)

Banteringblonde said...

Well there ya have, all the important stuff is checked off!

Jenni said...

they really love thier penises, don't they? my friend nicole has a five year old and she says it's all penis all the time in her house.

Sheila said...

OMG! This cracked me up! Reminds me of when my oldest son (now 14) got out of the bathtub once (around the age of 2) and started laughing saying "mommy, my thingy looks like an elephant!"

Momma Bear said...

thanks Sheila! He keeps me laughing constantly! This week he kept holding his arm out and asking, "momma is my are bigger? I think it's biger?!"
He's a silly one!