Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Day In The Life Of Other Mommas

I'd really like to know what you other mommas do on an average day. I am a very detailed person so if you wouldn't mind please fill me in on everything. You don't have to share about potty time necessarily, unless of course you're in the midst of potty training. But what I'm interested in is more of the specifics of your day. Do you have a schedule you follow day to day? Do you make sure there are specific things done before you go to bed to prepare for the next day? What activities do you participate in with your child or what activities do they do by themself? These are just suggestions but feel free to include them.

Please respond one of two ways, either post a blog entry about it or leave your thoughts in my comments section. If you choose to post it please leave a comment letting me know.

Thanks a bunch Mommas! You (other mommas) are my greatest resource in mothering and I appreciate that!


Manic Mother said...

I usually read my emails, and blogs I follow and drink my coffee. Then I go to the gym, we come home have lunch. The baby takes a nap, and I clean and blog during that time. Then we go outside and play, and then on to dinner.

Momma Bear said...

what time does your day start? And do you make the kids breakfast as soon as you wake? Do they play or watch tv while you make it? And I assume they are in a daycare at the gym? And what do they do while you cook dinner? Thanks Beth!

Kelly said...

I will be no help to with specifics, because...well, I don't pay attention to what I'm doing, but I did write a post for you on my blog.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Oh... wow... our days are never quite the same, so there's not much use in telling you all about it. We're homeschoolers and weird. Every day looks different. :)

erin fry said...

wow. i can't believe i just typed all that! now it's your turn!

Shady Lady said...

Yeah...what Freckle said! Each day is different. That's one of the fun things about being a 'weird' homeschooling family. I can tell you that we probably spend more time socializing than anyone could imagine being that we're homeschoolers and always stay home. HA! I struggle to have enough time at home to get housework done.

Momma Bear said...

Okay now all you homeschooling mommas got me all curious and stuff. What's goin on in your crib??!

Evie and Chris' Mommy said...

Hello, I really liked your blog and I was going to comment about our daily activities, but I realized it would have been really long so I posted about it on my blog! Check it out if you get a chance.

Shady Lady said...

Shhhh...can't tell. It's a homeschooling secret.

Lindsey said...

7:30 AM – Baby wakes me up. Sometimes he’ll play in his crib til 8:00 am, if I’m lucky.
8:00 AM – Breakfast consists of 6 oz bottle of formula for baby and a granola bar for me
8:15-9:00 AM – Baby “plays” in pack-n-play or bathroom while I shower and dress for the day.
9:15 AM – If it’s a week day, we’re out the door to work/daycare. If it’s the weekend, playtime/blogtime/pick up the house time
10:30 AM – 6 oz bottle for baby and down for a nap
10:45-12:30 PM – Me time! Usually I work on laundry, respond to emails, and prepare lunch (all at the same time – I love to multitask)
12:30-1:30 PM Play time
1:30 PM – Baby eats 1-2 jars of baby food, 6 oz bottle
1:45-4:30 pm - Get out of the house time, shopping, etc. Baby will usually nap again in carseat.
4:30 PM - 1-2 jar of baby food and 6 oz bottle for baby
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM – Think about preparing dinner, maybe put something in oven, pack diaper bag for daycare if needed, make bottles for next day
6:30 PM – bath time
7:00 – 7:30 PM - Bedtime routine (spend time with Daddy, white noise machine, 6 oz bottle, 5-10 minutes of cuddling/rocking)
7:30 PM Mommy and Daddy prepare dinner, Mommy cleans up kitchen, picks up a day’s worth of toys and clutter, then crashes on couch with Daddy.

I'm due with our second baby in 3 weeks! They'll be 12 months apart.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Our day starts at 6:30. . .unfortunately. I nurse the baby, then get dressed while the middle guy plays and my oldest sleeps. Starting around 7, I dress the baby and three year old. Then we wake the four year old and get her dressed. Then they play while I make breakfast. Then we head to preschool and I drop one of them off - they go on alternate days. Then I usually take the other two to an activity, the library or the park. Then we pick the one up from preschool and head home for lunch. After lunch we watch a little TV and read some stories. Then it's nap time, quiet time in her room for the 4 year old. The baby doesn't always go along with this, but he's good about letting me get stuff done if he's with me while I do it. After nap we play outside or inside, depending on the weather. Sometimes we do a project or play together, but often the older two will play happily with each other while I entertain the baby or write. I might let them watch another show while I make dinner, or they might be playing so happily that I don't need to. Then it's dinner time. After dinner, we play and often have "dancing time" while listening to music. Then we clean up all the toys (and yes, the older two do it. I bribe them with chocolate.) We do baths and/or showers, read stories and then get tucked in. I nurse the baby throughout the day - sort of a combo of feed on demand and whenever it fits in with the older two. If there's no preschool, we'll all go somewhere in the morning like the library or the park or an indoor play area . . .or we just hang at home and I'll get some stuff done.