Wednesday, April 01, 2009

TMI Another Post About Poop

Okay in my desperation I've taken up, sometimes, trying to enjoy my nice & hot cup of coffee (that my hubby went out of his way to pick up from Starbucks) while having a good poop-another time in my life when all feels right in the world.

But then the ninja baby crawls in and while I'm busy responding to an email, a somewhat difficult task to accomplish because my life is chaotic at times and yes not only am I pooping AND drinking a cup of coffee but I'm ALSO on my laptop-a true multitasker! And yes I'm very diligent to wash my hands for those whose brain is aghast at my gross habits, you can close your mouth now, I'm shocked at what my life has resorted to at times as well.

Anyways back to the original complaint at hand. So ninja baby swoops in slaps my coffee cup before I have a chance to react and then it immediately poors itself allover my cute lil Shabby Chic Design book (normal pooping reading material and sorry Rachel Ashwell!) SHIT! DANG IT!
It's challenging to clean up coffee while your bucket is strapped to the comode and you have a laptop strapped to your lap, ugg. Tis life...with wee ones.

My peeps who are fellow gardeners that found me through my other blog, Potager Garden Girl, are wondering, "What the hell did I get myself into!"


Rachel said...

I am in awe of your muti-tasking. And to think all this time I've been trying to get in and out of the bathroom as fast as possible! What a waste of a few hands-free minutes.

erin fry said...

thankfully i'm the world's fastest pooper. it takes about as much time as peeing for me, so no multitasking necessary! i guess i just wait until it's about to fall out!

mandi said...

ha! that post is hilarious! not to laugh at your pain- but i love a good poop post!

BoLOGna said...

i also sip coffee while i poop. my "morning constitutional" hits like clockwork and just happens to coincide with my morning cup o joe. i usually have a baby crawling around my ankles as well, so my lidded mug is a must. and +1 on what erin said-i usually wait until its just about to fall out, AKA "turtling" AKA "prairie doggin'" ah poop-such an humbling fact of life.

Shady Lady said...

Well aren't you the multi-tasking goddess?! I would bow at your feet, but I wouldn't want you to drop the laptop or fall off the pot.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I LOVE THIS POST! Did I mention that I so heart you, mama? I seriously "book time" to go visit the throne with the laptop, and my husband knows not to mess with me at these moments. I knew that I couldn't be alone, LOL. Sorry if anyone's grossed out, but it's the one place the family won't follow me, haha! A girl has to take care of business.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for the hysterical (but oh so true!) post!