Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oh No, Oh No, Oh No!

My glasses broke last night. The arm just fell right off. Oh no! They're only 1 year old. Oh no! What a bummer. Not a good time financially to have to invest in new glasses. Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive place to shop for specs? My huz had to buy new ones about 2 months ago, they were $400! Oh my. I don't want nor can I afford really to spend that much right now, ugg.


Aliceson said...

Oooh, I'm a pro at this. When my kids were babies, I had to replace my glasses 3 times, and my Saint Bernard destroyed one too. Depending on where you bought your glasses, they may have a warranty on them. If I had to pay to replace them, I would shop around for some cheaper frames if your prescription allows it, or at least similar shape so that your one year old lenses can be reused.

Good luck! Do you have a back-up or are you running around with tape on your glasses?

Shady Lady said...

Check this place out! Super inexpensive...

Super Ninja Mommy said...

that sucks so bad! without my glasses i am totally flippin blind, so i'm feeling your pain.

good news - if you have a copy of your prescription (you should be able to get a copy for free ftom whoever did your old glasses), you can get glasses for $25. go here:


i haven't used them, but my mom did and was really pleased with them. good luck!!

Momma Bear said...

thanks so much for responding!!

I called the place I bought them from and they told me they're still under warranty until May 24th. They'll try to fix them and if they can't then they'll give me a new pair of frames for half off. But half off is still like anywhere from $75-$150 (frames are expensive especially cute one!)

Ugg. I'm going to see if they can fix them first. And then proceed from there. If they can't fix them I'll probably go with one of these suggestions, thanks ladies!!
Appreciate it!

The Three 22nds said...

That's a drag...I wear contacts but depend on my glasses often with my weird working overnight schedule.

I always keep them where the baby can't get them and get super upset even gets close to them because I am so paranoid about them breaking!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I used to hit up Eye Mart or Lenscrafters. Eye Mart was the cheaper of the two but their selection sometimes left something to be desired. I found an awesome little kiosk at the one local mall that sells them. They don't do the exams so you need a script before hand but they are great and they aren't that bad priced. The frames were much more trendy. I sat on my glasses a month or so ago and I almost cried. I love these glasses. Thank goodness I was able to fix them! Good luck!