Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden Arts & Crafts

Peanut butter and birdseed covered pine cones-fun fun!


erin fry said...

seriously, how do you have time to do this?! you're amazing.

Shady Lady said...

This is a cool one! I have plans for some bird feeder crafts in the near future. Fun stuff!!

Jenni said...

What? So cool. You have to publish a how to.

Momma Bear said...

Hey Jenni!!

Check out

I put this craft on both cause well you know it's cute and for the garden! But the instructions are on that one, very simple!!

take care!

And thanks Erin and Shady Lady!
Erin I have to do this kind of stuff or I feel like I'm going to turn inward and die from depression. I know morbid but for real. The interacting on the "craft/art" level is a NEED that HAS to happen I'm finding.