Sunday, February 24, 2008

Potager Gardening and Yearning for Spring and...

I'm officially going to plant my seeds next weekend. I have a grow light, heating pad, peat pots and all of my seeds now. I need to buy soil this week and I will be good to go. I'm pumped!

Most of my seedlings will need to be transplanted around the time Baby J is due so the month of April should be interesting. I'm sure it will be fine but there may be a few losses.

So is anyone else sick of the cold weather?! Enough already! I can tell Spring is coming b/c it's lighter earlier and it doesn't get dark at 5pm anymore. I can't wait to be able to take the kids on walks everyday and be able to play in the backyard.

We're having carpet installed tomorrow and so we have to devote the rest of our evening to cleaning up all the clutter in our bedroom and in W's room. I'm beat and I haven't even started. This pregnancy is kicking my butt! I can tell Baby J doesn't have much space in my uterus b/c my stomach is really tight and it hurts when he moves now. I also have constant heartburn no matter what I eat. I slept from midnight until 11am yesterday morning and then turned around and took a 2 hour nap a few hours later! My hips are achey from all the rest but I just feel like I cannot get enough rest!

I am going to try to suck it up tonight though and go grocery shopping. I have been putting it off all weekend b/c I know it's going to kick my butt. I had planned to go to Kroger but the convenience of Giant Eagle has won out once again. Also, their sales are pretty good this week (not as good as Kroger but...) and I enjoy the gas savings. I will post my final tally if I actually make it tonight otherwise I'll probably go tomorrow evening when the kidlets go to bed. Oh yeah I should hit CVS and see what's going on with their sales.

This may not be your thing but in preparation for Baby J the Hub and I have decided we will stock up on some paper plates and plastic cutlery so we don't have to worry about keeping up on dishes when the babe comes, at least for the first 2 weeks. I've been a bit anxious about it only b/c of the waste factor. But I found recyclable cutlery at Target (Yes I hit Target! They sell an all purpose cleaner I use. It's cheaper to stock up on it from Target than online. I did manage to avoid all the temptations. Well okay I'm lying I did get chocolate covered raisins, coke and some Almond Joy's.) Back to the disposal plates and cutlery, although this will still create waste atleast it's recycled and saving some energy somewhere.

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