Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Mother Inferior

A friend recently suggested that I must be very organized. I've been thinking about that suggestion for a few weeks. I'm not sure what I communicate from my posts but I'm really not organized. I strive to be organized and there are parts of my life that are now starting to become more organized but by no means would I label myself as organized.

I've written and continue to write about coupons, saving money, roasting coffee, baking my own bread, etc., etc., but these are ways that the Hub and I are attempting to save money. Although we do enjoy the idea of roasting coffee and baking our own bread and it does require us to be disciplined and organized to some degree I still wouldn't label myself as organized.

I feel like I need to back up and clarify why I choose to do the things. Not so much to defend myself but instead to make it clear that I'm a poor Home Economist and I desire to improve at it. I feel like my job since having W almost 3 years ago has become more clear. I'm not shooting for perfection but instead to try to keep my house mostly clean & put dinner on the table most nights of the week b/c our family thrives on the time together. We've found this to be somewhat of an anchor for our little family and can see how it will benefit the kids long term as well as mine and the Hub's relationship. Also, we desire to be responsible with our money and to payoff our debt within the next few years.

I hate clipping coupons (I like the idea of saving money with coupons better...) and I'm not sure the coupon thing will end up working out for me but I've decided to try it out for the next few months. Also, the coupon thing is fueled partially by the fact that someone from the Dispatch showed up at my door with a subscription to the Sunday paper for $4 a month.

I hate dealing with CVS and their ECB's (again I like the idea of it). But overall these things save our little family money. Not too long ago, er all of last year, my grocery shopping trips took place at Sams Club and a run or two to Giant Eagle every week. We racked up $600 in groceries almost every month and we racked up about $300 to $400 a month in carryout from restaurants. This as you may imagine created a lot of stress which lead to a lot of arguments about debt and lack of structure and just overall we felt like crap b/c of the added weight of, I guess you can call it, "excess".

Oh yes, and b/c we were eating so much crap we physically felt like crap!

So honestly God did a number on my heart over the last few months and so I've become more serious about debt, my family and my marriage. So I hope what I write does not cause others to smirk or feel like I'm above anyone b/c I'm not and nor do I think so.

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