Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's Potty Time

The evening is winding down and I just cleaned up the toys and got myself a piece of a fruit tart I made and a cup of milk. Jason is upstairs with the little people giving them a bath. I knew he forgot to take the diapers upstairs for when they are done so I got up to get those for him and at the same time he came barreling down the stairs looking for diapers. He said, "Guess who just peed in the potty?!" I got all weepy (no kidding) and said, "W sat down on the potty and peed?!" Jason said, "No, he stood up and peed!"

I guess Jason asked him if he had to go pee and if he wanted to pee in the potty, he said no. But then Jason peed in the potty and W watched and then decided I'm gonna do it! And so he did!

Now i have to find somewhere to write this down so i don't forget that my baby peed in the potty on Feb 7, 08. It's the little things you know...

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