Thursday, February 21, 2008


On Tuesday W and Super N pulled a fast one on Momma Bear. I was studying in the living room, I never do this, and told W that momma is going to take 20 minutes and try to read and take some notes and then I'll read to him and Super N and we'll play to our hearts content. He looked at me with his deer in headlights almost 3 year old stare that seemed to communicate to me that he had no idea what I was saying. But at any rate I was determined to get some studying in so I sent him on his merry way and told him momma will be done soon. I didn't really realize that it had gotten quiet in the house until maybe after about 15 minutes of study. I call Will in the room and he comes in with his hands out, palms up and says, "yucky!" I'm like "oh crap!" I go to see what the yucky is all about and find Super N with a 20 oz bottle of white glue, no cap and it's got about an inch of glue left in it. Most of her legs and her palms were covered in it oh yes and about a 2 foot in diameter puddle slowly soaking into my jute rug. I jumped into mommy mode and pulled the jammies off of Super N threw under the faucet, grabbed a huge cup of hot water and a towel and started trying to dilute the glue. I was crying to whole time out of frustration. Will was thoughtful in that he pointed out to me the large dripping puddle on the windowsill.

Two days later you can't even tell there was a mess! It's all gone. I recall calling the hub after "The Incident" and telling him that he'd better pray for his children b/c I'm about to lose it. I did calm down after crying or was it during the crying, I don't remember fully. And we ended up playing together in the end and no one died.

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